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36V 690Ah Lithium Forklift Battery

Forklift Lithium batteries have grown in popularity in material handling due to their multiple benefits over traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries provide faster charging times, longer life cycles, and better efficiency, resulting in improved efficiency and fewer downtimes. They are also more environmentally friendly since they are free of toxic chemicals. The lithium batteries come in a range of capacities and are tailored to the individual requirements of each material handling facility. Forklift lithium batteries are a trustworthy and cost-effective power source that is engineered to provide unparalleled efficiency, durability, and effectiveness in all material handling applications.

Nominal Capacity: 390Ah

Nominal Voltage: 36V (38.4V)

Stored Energy: 26.49 kWh

Weight lbs. (kg): 727lbs. (330kg)

Continuous Discharge Current: 320A

Charge Temperature: -4°F~131°F (-20℃~ 55℃)

Storage (1 month): -4°F~113°F (-20°C~45℃)

Storage (1 year): 32°F~95°F(0°C~ 35⁰C)

Casing Material: Steel

Dimension(LxWxH): 38.1×20.3×30.7 inch,968×516×780 mm

Maximum Discharge Current: 480A(30S)

Discharge Temperature: -4°F~131°F (-20℃~ 55℃)

IP Rating: IP65

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The 36V 690Ah Lithium Forklift Battery is a unique design. If you are looking for a strong and dependable battery, you may profit greatly from it. When the Yibai 36V 690Ah Lithium Forklift Battery hits the market, it gains a lot of popularity. Many people are drawn to batteries that need no maintenance, have reduced operating costs, and provide more power. They are free of harmful and messy fumes or leaks, endure longer, and use less energy. They may provide more stability, power, and comfort to the intelligent battery BMS. You not only get better performance out of your electric forklifts, but you also help to make the world a more environmentally friendly place.

Our 36 Voltage batteries provide a satisfactory experience in CLASS 2 forklifts such as narrow aisle forklifts and high-rack stacker. Their consistent discharge may allow your fleet to drive more effortlessly into narrow-aisle warehouses.

YB36-690 is one of the 36 Voltage batteries with a high capacity. As a result, it might provide consistent and ample electricity to your material handling equipment. Yibai Solar Energy’s battery pack module contains lithium-iron phosphate cells and requires no maintenance. Furthermore, our batteries may be charged fast and easily in any location and at any time thanks to the opportunity charge feature. A 10-year guarantee and a battery life of up to 10 years will continue to astonish you.

Yibai LiFePO4 batteries provide increased warehousing productivity.

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Yibai Solar Energy’s well-known LiFePO4 cells are used in the 36V 690Ah battery. 5,000+ recharge cycles (about 10 years of daily usage) compared. 500 for conventional lithium batteries or lead acid batteries. Optimal performance down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit (for winter warriors). Plus, they have double the power of lead-acid batteries and weigh half as much.


World-beating, best-in-class guarantee against manufacturing defects for 10 years.

Yibai Solar Energy’s 36V LiFePO4 batteries are ideal for Electric Forklifts, Golf carts, RVs, boats, scooters, and tricycles. They are lighter, more powerful, and last five times as long as regular batteries. We provide bespoke lithium battery solutions in 36V (400Ah, 300Ah, 200Ah, and 160Ah) to meet your specific requirements, ensuring deep cycle reliability and outstanding temperature performance. Yibai custom designs lithium batteries for OEM, providing dependability, safety, long life, and great performance in harsh temperatures.

Q: 10 years warranty?

A: We stand behind the quality of our items. All batteries include a 10-year manufacturer fault guarantee. If we made a mistake when constructing your battery, we can fix or replace it. See the warranty and return policy for more information. One-year warranty on chargers, powerbox cases, and accessories.


Q: Twice the power?

A: Yes! Yiabi builds all of its batteries using lithium iron phosphate technology, which provides several benefits over regular batteries. This includes 60% reduced weight, a charging speed that is up to 5 times quicker, and a much longer lifetime (5-10 years on average). One of the most visible benefits is the flat voltage curve. Unlike a lead acid battery, which lowers in voltage as you use it, a Yiabi Lithium battery maintains a constant voltage for 99% of its charge. That means you receive all of the power down to the last drop while double the useable power of ordinary batteries.


Q: Are Lithium Batteries safe?

A: Yibai Lithium batteries are completely safe and dependable. Our signature chemistry, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), contains no rare earth elements (such as cobalt) or heavy metals, is non-toxic (including no lead or acid), non-corrosive, does not emit any gases, requires no watering or maintenance, can be placed in any orientation, and, unlike other lithium batteries, will not explode or catch fire. Furthermore, each Yibai Lithium battery is protected from overheating, overcharging, and short circuiting by a battery management system (BMS) microchip, which also extends battery life and is housed in a rugged, waterproof case. We suggest utilizing a LiFePO4 charger for optimal performance and dependability.


Q: How does one charge a lithium battery?

A: Yibai Lithium batteries work best when charged with a lithium-compatible charger. Lead acid or SLA chargers, on-board chargers for AGM batteries, and other non-lithium chargers will charge a Yibai Lithium battery to around 70-80% capacity. This is because Yibai Lithium’s iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology charges and discharges at a greater voltage than ordinary batteries. Chargers with a lithium battery setting or those are specifically built for lithium will charge at the correct voltage. View our whole selection of LiFePO4 battery chargers here. All batteries 54Ah and greater come with a complimentary LiFePO4 compatible charger.


Q: Will the cold temperature impact my battery?

A: Your Yibai Lithium battery will generally drain between -20 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 and 49 degrees Celsius). Yibai batteries are extensively used by ice fishermen for their flashers and ice augers, therefore they are quite durable and regularly used in cold areas. However, in very freezing temperatures, it is advised that the batteries be insulated. We also don’t advocate charging our batteries in temps below freezing. If you intend to regularly charge your battery below freezing temperatures, we recommend the 12V 135Ah battery, which has an internal heating element and is ideal for use in cars, trucks, RVs, off-grid solar, and any application where the battery will be charged on a regular basis in extremely cold environments.


Q: Can I use this to start my vehicle or boat engine?

A: Our batteries provide 1000 cca of engine starting power while maintaining Yibai Lithium batteries’ outstanding deep cycle characteristics. This means you may use them to start a boat, vehicle, or truck engine. Our regular deep cycle batteries do not have cold cranking capability and cannot be utilized as a starting battery.


Q: What kind of battery do I need for my RV or camper van?

A: The 100Ah battery is the industry standard house battery size for most RVs, campers, and #VanLife projects. This is a drop-in replacement for AGM and most lead acid batteries. If you’re charging from your engine’s alternator, we suggest a Victron DC-DC smart charger. If charging with solar panels, we suggest using a Victron Smart Solar charge controller, or if you already have one, choose the lithium option. Here’s a useful sizing chart showing the amount of batteries required for each RV size.



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