Warranty Period

The battery has a 10-year warranty servicing period beginning with the purchase date.

Accessories like as chargers and cables are covered by a one-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

The warranty duration may vary by country and is subject to local laws and regulations.

Warranty Statement

YIBAI offers free parts and technical assistance to its distributors, who are in charge of providing customer care.

YIBAI offers warranties under the following conditions:

The product is within the stated warranty term.

The product is typically utilized, with no man-made quality issues;

No unauthorized disassembly, maintenance, etc.

The product serial number, manufacturing label, and other markings have not been ripped or changed.

Warranty Exclusions

Products that surpass their warranty term without obtaining an extension.

Damage caused by human misuse, including but not limited to cover deformation, collision due to contact, drop, and puncture.

Dismantle the battery without YIBAI ‘s authority.

Failure to work or being torn down in a difficult environment with high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosives, explosives, etc.

Damage caused by a short circuit

Damage caused by an unqualified charger that is not in compliance with the product instructions.

Damage caused by force majeure, such as fire, earthquake, flood, or storm;

Damage caused by faulty installation not in accordance with the product handbook.

Product lacking the YIBAI trademark or serial number.

Claim Procedure

Contact your dealer to confirm the alleged faulty equipment.

When your item is suspected of being defective, please follow your dealer’s instructions to submit appropriate information, including the warranty card, product purchase invoice, and any other relevant documentation that may be necessary.

Once the defect in your device has been established, your dealer must submit the warranty claim to YIBAI or an approved service partner with all relevant details.

In the meanwhile, you may contact YIBAI for support at: info@yboptotech.com


If a device becomes faulty within the YIBAI warranty term, YIBAI or its local authorized service partner is required to offer service to the client, and the equipment is subject to our choice below: fixed by a YIBAI service facility, mended on-site, or exchanged for a new item with comparable specifications based on model and service life.

In the third situation, YIBAI will deliver a new gadget after the RMA is validated. The replacement device will inherit the old device’s remaining warranty term. In this instance, you will not get a new warranty card since your warranty is already registered in the YIBAI service database.

If you want to buy an extension of the YIBAI warranty based on the regular warranty, please contact YIBAI for further details.

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