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Guangdong Yibai Optotech Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of solar cells and solar modules in China, our product covers a wide range of both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline, from 5BB to 12BB and Half-Cut 9BB, from silver frame to full black and double glass bifacial panels, suitable for on-grid and off-grid application. The automatic manufacturing equipment we used is mainly imported from Germany, Switzerland, and Japan, currently, the annual production capacity is 800MW for cells and 800MW for modules, with a new automatic factory under construction now and an expected capacity of 1GW in 2022.

With a strong R&D team of over 100 patents obtained, YIBAI Solar has been devoted to keeping improving the high efficiency of cells, and the outstanding performance of panels. Currently, YIBAI solar has acquired a wide range of important global certificates, such as CE, UL, IEC 61215 & IEC 61730/TÜV, JET, KS, Inmetro, MCS, CEC, CQC (Top Runner), ISO9001, OHSAS 14001, OHSAS 18001, and PID test, Ammonia test, Dust &Sand test, 8000Pa mechanical load test, etc. Therefore, YIBAI Solar has been exported to Japan, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, South America, total over 50 countries, enjoy with a remarkably good reputation worldwide.


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Quality is the cornerstone of success. YIBAI Solar’s continuous innovation towards better quality products and new technologies allows us to share our success with our clients.

  • 100+ R&D Technicians,
  • 100+ Technical Patents.
  • Fully automatic manufacturing.
  • 7.5 GW Solar Module Production Capacity.
  • 14 GWSolar Modules Shipped Worldwide.
  • 30years product power warranty.


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Technology Features

Monocrystalline technologies

We only focus on advanced Monocrystalline (Mono) based ingot/wafer technology rather than other PV Multicrystalline (Multi) or thin film-based technologies.


Monocrystalline silicon is the most common and efficient silicon-based material employed in photovoltaic cell production. This element is often referred to as single-crystal silicon. It consists of silicon, where the entire solid’s crystal lattice is continuous, unbroken to its edges, and free from grain limits. Monocrystalline silicon can be treated as an intrinsic semiconductor consisting only of excessively pure silicon. 

Monocrystalline wafers are made from high-purity silicon combined with an all black beautiful aesthetic, higher power output, better energy production, space efficiency, lower balance of system cost and long life span. Because the mono cell is composed of a high-purity and quality single crystal, the electrons that generate a flow of electricity have more room to move. As a result, monocrystalline PV Modules are more efficient than their Multicrystalline counterparts. Mono based PV modules are now the most sought products in the solar energy industry. compared to multi and thin film PV modules.


P-type cells proved to be more resistant to space radiation and degradation as well as cost effective due to economies of scale resulting in cost savingss for the customer.

A solar cell is made of two types of semiconductors, called p-type and n-type silicon. A p-type cell usually dopes its silicon wafer with boron, which has one less electron than silicon (making the cell positively charged). P-type cells held the biggest size of the market for the last four decades. An n-type cell is doped with phosphorus, which has one more electron than silicon (making the cell negatively charged).

PV Cell P Type

Our solar cells are based on P-type cells.



We utilize advanced mono PERC cell technology in our Bifacial and Monofacial PV modules.


Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) uses dielectric passivation film on the rear surface of the cells. PERC cell technology utilizes special solar cell architecture that differs from standard cell architecture making a unique technology that helps increase efficiency and power output of the PV module. 

A back surface passivation layer reflects light that passes through the silicon cell without being absorbed back into the silicon, giving the solar cell a second absorption attempt. This reflection of light means that more incoming solar radiation will end up being absorbed by the silicon cell, thus the cell becomes more efficient.


Half-cut solar cells are exactly what their name suggests, they are traditional silicon solar cells that have been cut in half using a laser cutter. In addition to mono PERC cells, we integrate half-cut solar cell technology in our PV modules. Half cut solar cells increase PV Module efficiency, reduce resistive losses, provide higher shade tolerance, be more resistant to micro cracks and hot spot damage. 



We also utilize half-cut cell technology at our PV modules.



We integrate 9 busbar or 10 busbar technologies in our PV cells.


A thin strip of copper or aluminum between cells that conducts electricity is called a busbar. It separates solar cells and conducts the direct current the cells collected from solar photons to the solar inverter, which converts the direct current into usable alternating current. 

More multi-busbar on a cell reduces the intensity of the electrification between each cell, increases the efficiency and output of the PV module, and provide a lower risk of micro cracks, better resistance to hot spots, and LID effect.


Traditionally, mono-crystalline wafer sizes of 156 mm side length cut from 200 mm diameter ingots have been used for over a decade. These wafers are known as type M10. Larger ingot sizes allow the wafer edges to be increased such that there is an increase in surface area in the corners. Increase in wafer size has a direct effect on increasing PV module size and power output, thereby reducing the per-watt production cost.


We also utilize a large wafer size to create large PV cells for our PV Modules.


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Monofacial solar panels


Monofacial solar panels

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It is very pleased with the solar panel purchasing and back office technical support. Have done an exceptional above and beyond over the top job. The customer service in this company Yibai solar outfits anything I’ve ever experienced.
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So far I have had a great experience with Yibai Solar. Everything was easily explained. I was notified when everything would be done. Also I have saved a lot of money & time on choosing the right solar panel supplier.
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