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The 210-cell shingled modules from Yibai Solar are based on the company’s cutting-edge, proprietary shingled technology, which creates flexible interconnects and a distinctive internal circuitry to enable higher efficiencies and superior power generation performance. One module can now provide 670W of power at its maximum efficiency, which has increased to 21.6% to save solar energy cost more.


Project-ready land resources are getting harder to come by as renewable energy sources spread quickly throughout the world. In order to maximize the return on investment from each project, PV systems must maximize electricity generation and efficiency. Hot-spot risk during module operation influences power production as well as safety issues, potentially lowering module durability. The modules’ solder ribbons contain lead, which can pollute the environment.

Yibai Solar shingled modules offer high efficiencies

Yibai Solar’s shingled modules have more power and cost less than other module BOS costs. Higher bracket, pipe pile, and cable utilisation leads to cheaper power station building costs per watt and, thus, lower levels of investment.

Shingled modules have a cell that has been divided into strips as opposed to normal modules. Due to the technology, hot-spot risk as well as string current within the module are reduced.

Lead content is also greatly decreased because shingled modules join without the use of solder ribbons thanks to shingled bonding technology. The shingled modules from Yibai Solar Energy have proven via testing to be resistant to extreme weather and operate better in shade, leading to an increased working life and service condition.


Domestic, industrial, commercial, and centralized systems.

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72-cell MBB Half-cell Module (2)
Monofacial solar panels
72-cell MBB Half-cell Module (1)
All black solar panels
72-cell MBB Half-cell Module (4)
Bifacial solar panels
72-cell MBB Half-cell Module (3)
Dual glass solar panels

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