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YIBAI LED tunnel lights combine various high-power lighting products features

YIBAI LED tunnel lights combine various high-power lighting products features

With the revolutionary photometric design, YIBAI LED tunnel light products are a combination of all high-power lighting products features together with unique technology that produces excellent features, such as reasonable control of the light distribution, and ensure an ideal uniformity of brightness on the road surface, eliminating the glare and keep the LED tunnel light efficiency on a high level without lighting pollution.

Applied with the best LED light source Lumileds, it attains over 170 lm/w illumination efficiency, accelerated by a professional unique optical Lens.

The YIBAI LED tunnel lighting products distribute all the light onto the road with maximum effect and form a rectangular lighting spot. YIBAI LED tunnel lights were made of aluminum alloy with a high index of heat dissipation on the oxidized surface, which ensured a good heat dissipation reliability. Inside array lens played a protective and spotlight role, avoiding wasteful duplication of light and reducing the loss of lumens. Also, the weight of the product enables a simplified structure, to keep the product ethereal. Each LED tunnel light module can implement intelligent current control, with the 10KV or 20KV surge protection, it is able to achieve the precision constant current, ensuring the LED can work under the secure current.

YIBAI LED tunnel lights combine various high-power lighting products features

YIBAI tunnel lights eliminated the glares effectively, which improved driving safety and ease the visual fatigue sight interference, and reduced traffic accidents, it fully embodies the spirit of “People-oriented Technology” in this product. It can be worked under wide working voltage. For the traditional light source such as the High-Pressure Sodium, if the voltage fluctuation ±7%, the brightness and lifetime will be reduced very fast, but for YIBAI LED tunnel light, even the voltage fluctuation is ±20%, the brightness and lifetime will not be influenced at all.

YIBAI LED LIGHTING becomes a mega-facility that houses more than 200 employees and over 351,00 sq. m building area and is recognized as a leading group with integrated product design, development, manufacturing, and trading systematic enterprise in the LED industry. We have expanded the business field into current multiple categories covering high power LEDs, LED street light, solar-wind powered LED street light, tunnel light, gymnasium lighting, floodlight, wall wash light, LED linear light, spotlight, floor recessed light, wall sconce light, waterproof light, courtyard light, and indoor decorative light, etc.

Our devoted R&D team has always been playing an essential role by its superior innovative system. R&D center concentrates 100+ experienced technological research professionals and engineering specialists, among whom there are 17 doctors, 48 masters, and over 70% are bachelors, dedicated to high-power LED, non-imaging quadric optics systems, heat dissipation design system, circuit drive system, intelligently controlled wireless communication system, etc. YIBAI LED high-power lighting products hold more than 100 invention patents domestically and internationally, from which we constructed massively a very strong and solid foundation to enable YIBAI to constantly and successfully upgrade our business model from function lighting, energy-saving lighting to intelligence lighting solutions.

In the past 10years, YIBAI has delivered world-class industrial lighting products & Roadway LED lighting fixtures all over the world. For any questions or need on LED lighting fixtures, please feel free to contact us via info@yboptotech.com, YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high LED heat dissipation technology with a professional engineer team that will support you within 24 hours!



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