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YIBAI Cobra Head Street Lights standing in Russia

YIBAI Cobra Head Street Light standing in Russia

After internal evaluation from Russia, YIBAI 400pcs of the Melo series Cobra Head street lights were installed two weeks ago on the service entry road to the highway.

This is a major highway in Moscow where there is a great amount of car and truck traffic almost 24 hours per day. Russia will have an on-site evaluation to make its final approval in four months while the Moscow DOT is waiting for the funding for this project from the Russian Federation. We are expecting this new LED street light design to have an outstanding performance.

The Melo series Cobra Head street light was successfully developed in March 2019. Testing has been conducted to further meet road lighting standards and some typical lamp structures were incorporated into the lighting design, which enabled the Melo series Cobra Head street lights to receive a lot of attention during LFI New York.

Strictly designed with CE, UL, cUL, and FCC certificate requirements, Melo has found wide use and got a good reputation in Europe and the South American market. With a competitive price and superior performance, over 50,000pcs of Melo have been installed in China and abroad during the last 15 months.

Being an upgraded lighting product from YIBAI LED Lighting, Melo is adopted with a top chip from Cree or Lumileds and a reliable driver from Philips Advance, both bring a notable increase in efficiency and stability. With a big power range from 30w to 240w by using a thermal and optical integrated modular system and multi-options of light distribution, Melo could be applied in a wide profile to meet a variety of lighting requirements.

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