Project Highlights

  • The template construction is first adopted to unify construction standards, improve construction quality, and avoid common quality problems.
  • The electrical processes for the foundation construction of box-type transformers, cable laying, and electrical wiring are strictly controlled, and the construction quality is excellent.
  • All risks of the project are controlled in advance, and the project progress meets the requirements.

Technical Highlights

  • PV power station is built in the coal mining subsidence area
  • The fully prefabricated cabin solution is adopted for the step-up substation
  • An intelligent O&M and fault diagnosis system is adopted to improve O&M efficiency.
  • The support is made of high-strength steel, and the amount of steel used for the support in the whole project is reduced by 468t.
  • Cable is purchased in batches, and the use process is carefully managed to avoid waste.

Product Type

Double-sided half-chip module + fixed bracket

Project Type

General mountain PV power station + mining subsidence area

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