smart city technology what's the best connective technology


What’s the best connective technology for smart cities?

smart city technology what's the best connective technology

In addition to people, commerce, dwellings, as well as typical metropolitan facilities, there are four essential elements necessary for growing smart cities:

  1. Pervasive wireless connectivity
  2. Open data
  3. Security you can trust in
  4. Flexible monetization schemes

so, what’s the best connective technology for smart cities?

The foundation of any smart city application is reliable, pervasive wireless connections. While there’s no one-size-fits-all, Low Power Wide Area Network technologies are well suited to most smart city applications for their cost efficiency and ubiquity. These technologies normally include Zigbee, LTE, NB-IoT, LoRa, PLC, RS485, Bluetooth, and a few others that all contribute to the fabric of connected cities. The development of 5G technology is expected to be a watershed event that pushes smart city technology into the mainstream and also increases new deployments.

But only with a few more elements…

Opening the data vault

Historically, governments, enterprises, and individuals have held their data close to the pocket, sharing as little as possible with others. Today, open data is redefining the digital city.

Privacy concerns and fear of security breaches have far outweighed the perceived value of sharing information. However, a key enabler of sustainable smart cities is that all participants in the complex ecosystem share information and combine it with contextual data analyzed in real-time. This is how informed decisions are made in real-time. 

Multiple sectors must cooperate to achieve better, sustainable outcomes by analyzing real-time contextual information shared among sector-specific information and operational technology (OT) systems.

The conclusion?

Data management and access to this information represent the backbone of the digital city.

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