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What light is the best solution for a soccer stadium

Football is a highly antagonistic collective sports event, a popular sport in the world. Soon we’ll have the FIFA World Cup 2022! According to FIFA regulations, the length of the football field is 105~110m and the width is 68~75m. Normally there should be no obstacles within at least 5m outside the bottom line and sideline to ensure the safety of athletes. The layout of the light poles of the football field lighting should follow the principle of adapting measures to local conditions. On the consideration of the actual situation of the football field, and the stadium building cost, we can work out a scientific and suitable football field lighting arrangement. So, what light is the best solution for a soccer stadium?

What light is the best solution for a soccer field lighting
What light is the best solution for a soccer field lighting

According to the size of the stadium, the designer set up the height of the light pole. Generally, the light pole of the five-a-side and seven-a-side stadiums must be controlled between 10-15 meters. The poles of the 11-a-side stadium need to reach at least 20 meters. If it is a standard stadium with a track outside, the height can be increased to 35-40 meters. So it is optional placing the led stadium lights on the edge of the stand ceiling or above the poles, as for the poles we can install them around the stadium. Normallythe quantity and power consumption of led stadium lights is determined according to the different lighting requirements of different stadiums.

The lamps used in football stadiums are generally LED high-mast lamps or floodlights.

Compared with traditional lamps, the efficiency of high-power professional LED sports lighting lamps is much higher. The YIBAI high-power LED lamps in football stadiums can not only meet the basic lighting needs of stadiums but also have intelligent lighting control that traditional lamps do not have in the process of broadcasting events.

Advantages of YIBAI football field lighting products?

SKYWING IV Sport & High Mast Light for football stadium lighting

Highlight energy saving, excellent performance

Using high-quality high-brightness LED chips, the luminous efficiency can reach up to 190lm/W; play an excellent lighting level in complex outdoor environments; good structure design; CRI greater than 90; has good luminous performance and brings comfortable light to large spaces at the same time.

Multiple durable protection

The lamp body is made of aviation-grade aluminum, and the surface is powder-baked, which is not easy for corrosion. The whole lamp has undergone strict protection treatment, and the protection level is IP67.

Efficient heat dissipation, strong escort

Using aviation aluminum, integrated fin-type heat dissipation design, quickly and efficiently dissipate the heat, effectively extending the life of the luminaire to over 100,000hrs.

Slim lamp body, refined details

The high-transmittance toughened glass mask, with uniform and bright light, more ingenious detail processing, the whole lamp has a simple, thin and textured appearance, and a thick adjustable angle bracket, which can easily respond to various scene installations.

Special high mast lights for outdoor large stadiums

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