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What are the functions of smart street lights?

What are the functions of smart street lights

What is a smart street light? Smart street lights, also known as smart light poles and smart roadway lights, use the Internet of Things and cloud computing technologies to realize remote centralized control and management of street lights.

The smart light pole developed by YIBAI Intelligent Control can set the scheme according to the traffic flow, time, weather conditions, so as to realize the functions of automatic adjustment of lamp brightness, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, anti-theft, remote power meter reading and other functions.

Here we just share the main functions of smart street lights below.

  1. Lighting function: Through precise switching of lamps, on-demand lighting, on-off control, real-time dimming, fault monitoring, and fault location of street lamps, it can save maintenance costs and improve maintenance efficiency on the basis of energy saving.
  2. Emergency charging: Provide convenient charging sites for electric vehicles and battery vehicles. Through the smart platform system, a variety of payment methods can be provided, which is conducive to the promotion of new energy vehicles.
  3. Video surveillance: Video surveillance can be installed on demand in any corner of the city. By loading cameras, it can monitor traffic flow, real-time road conditions, violations of laws and regulations, municipal facilities, crowds, parking, security, etc. Covering no dead ends, creating a stable public security environment.
  4. Communication services: Through the WIFI network provided by smart light poles, a “Skynet” is formed over the city, providing an “information highway” for the promotion and application of smart cities
  5. Information release: The smart light pole provides an LED information release screen, which can release: municipal information, public security information, weather conditions, road traffic and other information through the platform quickly and in real time through the network.
  6. Environmental monitoring: Real-time monitoring of environmental information in all corners of the city, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, rainfall, stagnant water, etc., is carried out by carrying a variety of environmental monitoring sensors.
  7. One-key help: By loading the emergency help button, when an emergency occurs in the surrounding environment, through the one-key alarm function, you can quickly get in touch with police officers or medical staff.
Smart Pole
Smart Pole

Smart light poles are the in-depth application of ‘Internet +’ in cities and a new carrier for smart city construction. The implementation of smart street lights not only effectively controls energy consumption, greatly saves power resources, improves public lighting management, and reduces maintenance and management costs, but also relies on smart light pole-based urban IoT information management platforms to remotely monitor and debug street lights. It also supports the functions of fault alarm, fault detection, and fault processing situation tracking, which reduces manual inspection work and greatly improves the level of informatization. In addition, smart street lights replace traditional street lights, which greatly improve the appearance of the city and improve the management level of the city, including the improvement of people’s livelihood. Intelligent response and intelligent decision-making support for various needs including, environment, public safety, etc., making urban road lighting reach a “smart” state.

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