What are the benefits of LED Sports Filed Lighting fixtures


What are the benefits of LED Sports Filed Lighting fixtures?

LED sports field lighting fixtures can always offer superb benefits for large areas or sites calling for high brightness, because of how they CREATE light as well as how they DISTRIBUTE light. The LED light source generates light through a semi-conductor, instead of the consumption of a “fuel resource” like in HID bulbs.

Regarding to “distributing” light, LED sports filed lighting fixtures typically use “multi-point” light emitting diodes, meaning the LED sport lighting fixtures have multiple diodes with individual or modular design optics. When you compare this to the method most HID fittings distribute light (with a single HID bulb and reflectors within the fitting), the final result is light that is much more EVENLY “distributed’ throughout a specific area.

LED Stadium light projects-Yiabi LED Lighting (1)
LED Stadium light projects-Yiabi LED Lighting (1)

The 3 major usual advantages of LED Sports Field Lighting Fixtures

Energy Savings

The common wattages of LED sports field lighting fixtures usually cover from 180 watts to 1500 watts, often resulting in a 50% -80% power consumption saving, which can cause cost savings of up $8,000 per fixture annually in the electricity bill.

Maintenance Cost Savings

Due to the method LEDs generate light, the typical way they move forward with their practical life is much different. Once the fuel source in the HID lamp is significantly reduced, it will stop to function appropriately soon, but LED generated light output decay REALLY SLOWLY over time. Therefore the life span(typically in excess of 100,000 hours) of an LED lighting fixture can be much longer than that of a HID fitting, which in turn drastically reduces the costs for maintaining exterior sports filed light fixtures over a longer period of time.

Better Lighting Performance

As a result of the multi-point layout optic design, LED sports filed lighting fixtures for large area and site applications often offer an extremely EVENLY light distribution. What means is that light levels across the surface will certainly vary less as the distance from the pole changes. But the HID lighting fixtures, which usually create a “bright spot area” directly underneath the fixture with light levels decreasing dramaticly along the distance from the post position. The result, in relation to LED vs HID, is a more also foot candle light distribution from the LED conversion. Besides, along with the even distribution of light, LEDs are available in a series of color temperatures, and also as a result offer a variety of options to raise thevisual perception of “brightness”.

What are the benefits of LED Sports Filed Lighting fixtures

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