Highway street lights upgraded in Shenzhen via smart city lighting control

LED Street Lighting

A connected highway street lighting upgrade in Shenzhen

Upgrade the highway street lights, the city of Shenzhen, opted for flexible lighting management system YIBAI LED Smart City lighting to make sure a sustainable future for his citizens.

Upgrading the highway street light smart highway light pole
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Shenzhen-1)

Customer Challenge

One thing had become abundantly clear to Shenzhen’s city government – modernizing their highway street lights lighting was a key element of their urban development plan. But one question remained: was there a total lighting solution that was economical and sustainable and will be controlled remotely?

As a key element of its urban development plan, Shenzhen made the choice to take a leading position during a new connected highway street lights lighting infrastructure in order that the city could:
• Modernize street lighting as a part of its ambitious urban development plan
• Replace inefficient mercury-vapor lamps with new high-quality, energy-efficient LEDs
• Cater for various road layouts, which require different types of illumination

The right lighting

Our lighting management system – in conjunction with modern LED highway street lights – provided the proper solutions. The city governor was particularly convinced by the savings the smart city lighting system could deliver. Based on their data, the system could potentially save approximately $250,000 and 658 tonnes of CO2 annually, meaning it might only take six years for the YIBAI smart city lighting system to buy itself – much less time than the municipality had expected. The city installed 3,300 new Melos series LED luminaires, all of these highway street lights are controlled via the YIBAI smart city lighting app and may be dimmed consistent with the city’s requirements, saving energy and CO2. The system provides rich data visualization and workflow management tools, which make it easy to research, plan and maintain the city’s lighting infrastructure and its performance. Now, the city can map its entire street lighting infrastructure and manage the system remotely and efficiently–all without the necessity for prior programming knowledge.

LTE Control System
LTE Control System

The renewal consisted of putting in new energy-efficient Melo series LED luminaires and connecting the remaining street lighting estate to the smart city lighting management system. 3,300 new 150W Melo LED luminaires were installed and connected to YIBAI smart city lighting system.

“This is an investment in a sustainable future. Our city is leading the way with a new controllable outdoor lighting!”

Transformation in action: Modern street lighting mapped and managed. The YIBAI Smart city lighting system workflow application allows the city to map its entire lighting infrastructure data and manage it effectively on the brink of real-time. The app helps the town save on energy costs and makes the whole maintenance process simple, transparent, and efficient.

Improved feeling of safety
Different roads within the city require different levels of sunshine. The YIBAI Smart city lighting system enables the people of Shenzhen to feel safer – with better quality illumination providing the proper amount of sunshine appropriate to the setting and road use.

Energy and price savings achieved
With the installation of LED street lights and therefore the YIBAI Smart city lighting management system, 659 metric plenty of CO2 is being saved annually, which equates to energy savings of $250,000 annually.

Open and expandable
The YIBAI Smart city lighting system is that the leading lighting management system that gives an open platform that adapts to the changing needs of smarter cities.

Upgrading the highway street light smart highway light pole(2)
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Shenzhen)

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