The Best Places To Install Your Solar Panels (1)

If you’re one of the many Maryland and DC residents interested in solar energy, you probably already know that for you to receive the best return on your investment, the design of your solar panel array must be flawless. The positioning and orientation of your solar panels are important considerations in professional planning for solar energy systems. The fundamentals of the best solar panel orientation are provided here.

Roof Pitch and Position of Solar Panels

Rooftop solar systems are the most popular since they are the most accessible and take up space that would otherwise be wasted. Solar panels should be installed on a roof that faces the true south. However, if your roof doesn’t actually face south, you can make up for it by mounting additional or bigger panels on the west or east side of your roof, or on racks that allow the panels to face south.

Solar panels can be used on a wide range of roof pitches because they normally operate best at an angle of 0 to 40 degrees. Some people even choose panels that change their energy absorption based on the amount of seasonal sunlight. Your solar installer will be able to rapidly identify the best panel configuration and location to optimize the amount of power you can produce from your roof.

A Different Location for Your Solar Panels

Solar panels put elsewhere can still be useful when a rooftop system isn’t perfect.

Ground Mounts for Solar

In case your garden has enough room, we can install solar panels on the ground. These movable ground-mount panels are exactly as effective as rooftop systems and are simple to install.

Solar Decks, Pergolas, and Patios

Solar panels can be added to existing buildings that aren’t rooftops. For instance, installing solar panels on a rooftop deck is a fantastic option. Solar pergolas provide additional useful shade and power generation, and patios are a great place to install solar panels.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Panels
  • Solar panels can be used in the shade? Yes, albeit efficiency will be slightly lowered by cloud, tree, or nearby structure shade.
  • Does solar power operate at night? Solar panels don’t produce or catch the light at night, but they can utilize the energy they capture during the day.
  • Roof damage caused by solar panels? There is minimal to no chance of solar panels harming your roof if it is structurally solid and has adequate design and installation from a reputable solar company like Revolution Solar.


The Best Places To Install Your Solar Panels (2)
Do Solar Panels Improve Home Value?

More homeowners are turning to alternate kinds of energy as technology advances and systems become more effective. Solar energy is a well-established and dependable source of electricity that can eliminate your need for any electricity at all. One question can make all the difference when you’re thinking about this significant investment: How will this influence the value of my house? We’ll go through the benefits solar panels can have for your house as well as their worth.

Important Elements That Add to the Value of Solar Panels

Buyers are looking for energy-efficient properties. The demand for homes with solar energy systems has been rising gradually as electricity prices rise and the grid becomes less dependable. Each kilowatt of solar electricity added can enhance resale value by about $6,000, and properties with solar panels sell for 4.1% more on average than ones without.

The following are some of the variables that affect value added:

  • Region: Your system’s effectiveness is influenced by the cost of electricity in your area and the amount of sunlight your home receives.
  • Installation prices: Buyers are more inclined to search for a home with panels already installed when local installation costs are high.
  • System effectiveness: Your system’s age and production could depreciate.

Another issue is property taxes, although many states, including Maryland and the District of Columbia, give 100% exemptions on the value that solar panel installation adds to your home.

Should I Purchase or Rent Solar Panels?

You will often have the choice to lease the system rather than buy it when considering solar energy. Although homes without the necessary finances may be able to do that, purchasing your system is ultimately the most sensible financial decision. By purchasing the system, you can take advantage of federal tax incentives and recover your initial investment in seven to ten years. Leasing your solar panels can make selling your house more difficult and reduce their value.

For Your Solar Power, Trust Yibai Solar

At Yibai Solar, we are aware that each step in the process is essential to the success of your energy system. We strive to capture innovation and passion for independent energy and bring it to you in a seamless process with first-rate customer assistance, from sourcing a top-of-the-line product selection to designing and installing your system.


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