shopping mall lighting design three professional tips you need to know


Professional shopping mall lighting design three tips you need to know

Three tips you need to know about professional shopping mall lighting design (1)

The night travel economy is a new business model with large cross-border and true integration with lighting as the starting point, such lighting space requires extremely high marketing and cultural creativity. The advent of the night travel economy has greatly enhanced the value of commercial lighting design. At present, professional shopping mall lighting design plays an important role in attracting passenger flow, promoting sales, and expanding the marketing scale of shopping malls. Here we just bring the three tips for the lighting design of shopping malls.

Ensure that the shopping mall has sufficient brightness of basic lighting

As the true appearance of the product must be displayed in front of the customer to facilitate the customer to distinguish the color of the product, therefore, the illuminating light of the commodity must be close to outdoor sunlight in brightness and color tone. The light with daylight tones can make the product look more beautiful, but it will not change the texture and color of the product itself. Although the fluorescent lamp is more economical, it will change the original color and gloss of the product when used to illuminate the product. Therefore, in modern shopping malls, we usually recommend LED lamps with high color rendering index.

Some products will lose their luster under long-term exposure to strong illumination light. More powerful lighting fixtures can also fade the product color. Besides, in some shopping spaces where there are many shelves and some shelves are tall, we must pay more attention to the shelf height as the shelf could block the light. Also, we must avoid the uneven illumination of the space and the difference illuminance between the upper and lower shelves. At the same time, the shopping characteristics of the mall and the poor mobility of middle-aged and elderly customers should be taken into account. Special attention should be paid to the vertical illuminance at the lower part of the shelf so that customers can see the goods on the lower part of the shelf without excessively bending over, and keep the illuminance in the entire shelf space with a high level.

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Unique and novel lighting design, comfortable and pleasant commercial atmosphere, can attract and induce customers’ shopping desire

In shopping malls, the role of light is to attract customers, and the attention of customers is more easily attracted to areas with good light effects. Facts have also proved that the better the light effect, the more sales will continue to increase. Well-designed lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere for customers so that they could have a very comfortable mood and feelings.

Effective lighting in shopping areas can make customers feel comfortable. The unique and novel lighting design not only highlights the interior design of the mall but also deepens customers’ overall lighting impression of the mall. In bread or meat shops, good lighting will make meat and bread much easy appear to arouse people’s appetite, which can also enable customers to quickly distinguish the quality of the food. Based on our experience when the color temperature is 3000-4000k and the illuminance is 400-600lux, the lighting will achieve an efficient and eye-catching effect, which can stimulate the purchase behavior of customers while improving the efficiency of employees, thereby promoting the popularity of the mall.

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Flexible lighting arrangements to adapt to changes in commodities and containers

Considering the characteristics of each functional area of the shopping mall, design matching lighting solutions to highlight the products, so as to accurately reflect the shape, color, gloss, and texture of the products. For example, in the corridors of the business halls, the guiding effect of lighting is more obvious. The brightness contrast between dark and bright is used to guide people towards the bright. Spotlights can be used in the boutique display area to project light on the products to make the products more prominent and full of visual impact.

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