MELO Series LED luminaires from YIBAI LED LIGHTING

LED Street Lights/

Melo Series Smart Roadway light

Light Source: CREE/Lumileds/Osram/Samsung

Driver: Philips/Meanwell/Inventronics/Moso

Power range:30W/40W/50W/60W/80W/100W/120W/150W/180W/200W/240W





Optical :Type II/Type III/Type IV/Type V

Efficacy:140lm/W standard, 170lm/W optional


IP Rating:IP66

IK Rating:IK09

Spigot size:25mm-76mm

Adjustable: 0-90°

Temperature:-20℃ to +55℃


Smart control:0-10v dim, photosensor, motion sensor, smart city control system

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The MELO Series LED luminaires from YIBAI LED LIGHTING provide a guaranteed 7 years of superior illumination with a minimum total cost of ownership.

LED Street lighting (5)

The roadway luminaires are designed to address the full range of outdoor lighting challenges in municipal lighting, from walkways, bike paths, car parks, residential streets to public roadways. This product family provides an illumination coverage of up to three lanes (and adjacent pedestrian areas) with high uniformity and a maximum spacing between columns. The Melo Series LED luminaires to operate at 25, 35, 55, 60, 90, 120, 120, 150, 180, or 200 watts of electrical power with lumen output ranging from 3125 to 34000 lm.


The luminaire consists of a low-profile light assembly and an independent electrical chamber in an aerodynamic design for reduced resistance to the wind coefficient. The housing with an integrated, internal heat sink is constructed of high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy. The dirt-resistant shape protects the luminaire against dust and foliage buildup and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. The optical assembly and electrical chamber are sealed against intrusion of water, insects, and dust. The light assembly incorporates a micro-membrane breather which provides pressure compensation to prevent seal fatigue and failure. The swing-down, hinged die-cast housing underneath which all electrical and optical components are mounted is fixed to the base tray with quick-release latches for tool-less access that make installation and maintenance easy.

Thermal Management

The MELO Series features a thermal design with the shortest possible thermal path and largest possible thermal conduction area. The high thermal conductivity MCPCB is mounted directly onto the die-cast aluminum housing, which creates a large contact area to ensure that the heat generated by the LEDs spread and dissipate uniformly and efficiently. Thermal isolation of the electrical and optical components prevents interactive thermal impact.

Light Engine

The Melo Series LED street lights use LUXEON 3030 2D LEDs or 5050 LEDs which are bundled together in a choice of quantities ranging from 48 to 336 LEDs. These EMC (epoxy molding compound) molded LED packages are workhorse light sources designed for high flux applications with exceptional reliability and excellent lumen maintenance. The LUXEON 3030 2D LEDs are mounted onto a metal-clad PCB with high thermal and solder joint reliability. The thermally optimized LED package in combination with robust solder joint performance achieves low thermal resistance along the thermal path between the LED dies and MCPCB. The LED light engines of this product family provide an L70 lifetime of over 100,000 hours with superior luminous efficacy and chromaticity stability.


Precision engineered optics provide exceptional coverage and uniformity in IES Type I (50°x 160°), Type II (65°x 155°), and Type III (80°x 160°) asymmetric distribution patterns. State-of-the-art optical control strikes an optimal balance between mast height, fixture spacing, light uniformity, and illumination coverage while minimizing light pollution, light trespass, and sky glow.


The MELO Series LED luminaires are equipped with Philips or Inventronics constant current LED drivers which boast industry-leading performance, especially in power factor (PF) correction, harmonic performance, and efficiency. These LED drivers operated over wide variations in line voltages (100-240V /277V) with built-in protections against overcurrent, short-circuit, overvoltage, and over-temperature conditions. The luminaire comes with 10kV / 10kA surge suppression protection to survive lightning strikes and other electrical disturbances. The electrical system includes a safety disconnect to ensure the power supply is cut off when the top cover is open.

Lighting Control

The dimmable Inventronics LED drivers are available in dimming to 10% with built-in 0-5V, 0-10V, and PWM protocols. The street lights may be timer-controlled to deliver dimming schedules for night-time power reduction. The LED driver can be integrated with photocells to provide the daylight harvesting ability for dusk-to-dawn control. The Melo Series LED street lights can be operated wirelessly through an intelligent roadway lighting management system using the ZigBee protocol, PLC control system, etc.


The luminaire housing is powder coated with a UV stabilized, corrosion-resistant TGIC polyester material subsequent to a rigorous cleaning and chemical chromating process. The aluminum housing is chromate conversion coated and electrostatically applied with a thermoset polyester powder coat finish which provides robust protection against impact, UV, and salt spray damage. Standard exterior finish color options include light grey and deep grey. Custom RAL colors are available.


The luminaires are provided with die-cast fitters that accommodate 25-76 mm O.D. tenons or arms. Wall mounting brackets and square pole mounting adapters are available.

The ultimate value of lighting is to meet people’s visual requirements, which is realized by the core technology of light distribution. As a pioneer in the LED lighting industry, YIBAI attracts a lot of high-tech research experts who excel in optical design and lighting applications. By independent research and design, based on the technology of digital optical modules, YIBAI is concentrating on LED light distribution design and application. Now YIBAI takes the lead in launching various lenses with series light distribution which complies with IESNA standards. The series light distribution covers almost all applications, such as road, tunnel, outdoor place, landscape architecture, venues, indoor, office, and business. So, we are proud to announce that this light distribution technology has filled the gap in the LED lighting industry.

  • A2S1/TYPE II light distribution for roadway under 6 lanes and tunnel with high luminance overall uniformity without zebra.
  • A3/TYPE III for roadway above 6 lanes but less than 10 lanes and tunnel with high luminance overall uniformity without zebra.
  • A4/TYPE IV lighting distribution for the billboard, high-pole lamp, landscape architecture, low illumination, venues, and parking lot.
  • S7/GRAZER light distribution for wall washer, landscape architecture, low illumination, etc.
  • S1/TYPE I light distribution for roadway, square, venues, etc.
  • S5/TYPE V light distribution for factories, warehouses, parking garage, and courtyard




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