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LED Street Light Smart Control System-LoRa-Mesh

1. Application

Remote lighting control of street lights, parking lot, gas station, park, island and etc.

2. Main Feature

  • Long range low power radio frequency communication with one time relay.
  • Up to 1000 lamp controllers can be managed by a concentrator with maximum transmission distance of 4000m after relay by a lamp controller.
  • It supports two dimming modes: 0-10V and DALI.
  • Private wireless network by LoRa-Mesh concentrator, the network server is not needed compared to LoRaWAN.
  • Remote real time control and monitor on the lamps, scheduled lighting by group or individual lamp.
  • Alarm on the lamp failure.
  • Pole tilt, GPS, RTC options

  • Product Detail
  • LoRa Mesh Concentrator
  • LoRa Mesh Lamp Controller NEMA

YIBAI LED LIGHTING is a smart outdoor lighting solution provider,  and smart pole integrator

We provide comprehensive solutions of PLC, Zigbee, RF, LoRa, NB-loT and GSM/LTE for street, tunnel, solar and LoRa-Mesh Smart Control system to reduce energy consumption and operating costs substantially.
The Central Management System integrates the remote lighting control and smart pole, also opens to various applications of smart city, such as smart parking, smart waste management, smart traffic and so on.

LoRa-Mesh Smart control system

LoRa-Mesh Smart control system

LoRa Mesh Concentrator

Concentrator, a communication bridge between server(2G/4G/Ethernet) and LCU(LoRa-mesh). Built-in LCD display and smart meter, support 4 digital switch, update by OTA, 96-500VAC, 0.3W, IP54.

  • LCD display.
  • High-performance 32-bit industrial-grade based on ARM9 CPU as the micro-controller.
  • Using high reliable platform for the application as an embedded Linux operating system.
  • Attached with 10/100 m Ethernet interface, RS485 interface, USB interface, etc.
  • Support GPRS (2G) communication mode, Ethernet remote communication methods and can be extended to 4G full network communication.
  • Upgrading local/remotely: serial port/USB disk, internet/GPRS.
  • Built-in smart meters to realize remote electric energy meter reading.
  • Support remote electricity meter reading for external meter.
  • Built-in high-performance RS485 communication module, to achieve intelligent tunnel lighting control.
  • 4 DO, 6 DI (4 Switch IN+2AC IN).
  • Fully sealed enclosure.
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Withstand high voltage, lightning, and high frequency signal interference.
LoRa Mesh Concentrator

LoRa Mesh Concentrator

LoRa Mesh Lamp Controller NEMA

Lamp control unit, a lamp controller linked with LED driver by NEMA socket, communicate with RTU(LoRa-mesh). Turn on/off, dimming(0-10V/DALI), data collection. 0.2W, IP65 waterproof, surge protection.

  • Customized communication protocol based on LoRa.
  • Standard NEMA 7-PIN interface, plug and play, photocell auto control.
  • Remotely turn on/off, built-in 16A relay.
  • Support dimming interface: DALI and 0-10V.
  • Remotely read electrical parameters: current, voltage, power, power factor and consumed energy.
  • Support recording total energy consumed and resetting.
  • Optional sensor: GPS, tilt detection.
  • Lamp failure detection.
  • Automatically report failure notification to server.
LoRa Mesh Lamp Controller NEMA

LoRa Mesh Lamp Controller NEMA



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