LED Street lights video goldmean series high efficiency 150lm/W

LED Street Lights/

Goldmean Series LED Street Light

Light Source:CREE/Lumileds


Power range:30W/40W/50W/60W/80W/100W/120W/150W/180W/200W/240W





Optical :Type II/Type III/Type IV/Type V

Efficacy:140lm/W standard, 170lm/W optional


IP Rating:IP66

IK Rating:IK09

Spigot size:25mm-76mm

Adjustable: 0-90°

Temperature:-20℃ to +55℃


Smart control:0-10v dim, photo sensor, motion sensor, smart city control system

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The Goldmean Series LED street lights from YIBAI LED Lighting feature a contemporary-streamlined geometry with a refined design attentive to details for superior application performance, energy efficiency, and system reliability. Integrating a solid construction, optimum thermal design, the latest in LED technology, and lighting control, Goldmean provides a highly adaptable roadway and area lighting solution with an enviable cost of ownership. While its modern styling generates an architecturally appealing look that is sure to complement both new and existing architecture, the future-safe lighting system offers the scalability to meet customized application requirements and accommodate ongoing improvements in LED technology.

Goldmean’s robust construction and smooth design offer distinct advantages in terms of structural strength, corrosion resistance, and heat-dissipating properties. The heavy-duty housing is constructed of high-pressure die-casting aluminum. Extremely precise process control and use of low copper HPDC aluminum alloy eliminate gas porosity defects and give the aluminum housing remarkable mechanical and thermal properties. Excellent architectural stability of the luminaire housing enables robust protection of electrical and optical components against vibration and mechanical impacts. The weathertight IP66 ingress protection for both electrical and optical chambers ensures the luminaire is protected from dust ingress and water invasion from any direction. The waterproof housing is designed with pressure stabilizing micro-membrane breather to prevent seal fatigue and failure. Tool-less latches allow for easy access to the driver and wiring compartments. The top housing that holds the electrical components is removable for serviceability and upgradability.

Thermal Management
The intrinsic high thermal conductivity and superior convective cooling design of luminaire housing ensure excellent external thermal management. The streamlined heat sink design eliminates external heat dissipation fins which are prone to the buildup of dust and debris. The self-cleaning aerodynamic geometry guarantees consistent integrity of the airflow that facilitates convective heat transfer. The LED assembly uses a metal core PCB that takes advantage of a high-performing thermal interface material (TIM) to minimize thermal resistance (Rth) along the thermal path from the LED junction to the aluminum housing. The reliability of the solder joint between the LED package and MCPCB also ensures excellent thermal fatigue/creep strength and improved reliability at higher drive currents.

Light Source and Optics
The Goldmean Series LED street lights are available in multiple lumen packages that range from 3900 to 38400 lumens in warm, neutral, and cool white color temperatures. Goldmean can be scaled from 18 LEDs to 120 LEDs per luminaire in two different milliamp ratings. Super package-level thermal performance combined with excellent system-level thermal management allows Lumileds LEDs to deliver an optimized combination of light quality and light output under a wide range of environmental conditions. The superior quality of light, volume of lumens, and industry-leading lumen maintenance ensure years of trouble-free operation and significant energy savings. Precision molded secondary optics enable highly optimized target illumination performance. This TIR optical lens produces Type 1 Short, Type 2, or Type 3 distribution with high uniformity and maximum spacings between columns. A tempered glass lens is sealed to the optical chamber for additional protection.

Goldmean is designed with a separated electrical chamber for thermal isolation from the LED engine and ease of maintenance. The lighting system utilizes 525mA/700mA Philips/Inventronics drivers to deliver high-performance regulation with low total harmonic distortion (THD) and a high power factor (PF). This constant current LED driver includes a full set of protection features including overcurrent, short-circuit, overvoltage, and over-temperature protection. Robust lightning protection protects the lighting system against multiple nominal surges of up to 20 kV. An automatic circuit breaker ensures an enhanced degree of protection against electrical shock. The electrical components are wired using quick disconnect harnesses for simplified field maintenance.

Lighting Control
Goldmean LED street lights to support a full range of dimming options, including both stand-alone and network protocols. Optional photocell integration provides the ability for dusk-to-dawn control. A wireless control module can be added to transform the light fixture into a wireless node for remote monitoring and control.

All aluminum components are treated with a multi-stage cleaning and chromating process which creates a corrosion-resistant substrate. A TGIC thermoset polyester powder coat finish is applied to the casting surface for enhanced durability against salt, water, and UV damage.

The Goldmean Series LED street lights are designed for both slip fitter or horizontal arm mount and accommodate 48mm or 60mm O.D. steel poles. An adjustable inclination mechanism allows for a +15° to -15° tilt in 5° increments with cast-in leveling guides.

Model Micro Mini Midi Max
Input Voltage 100-240V
Power Factor >0.95
Rated Power 15-45W 60W 90-120W 150-200W
Luminaire Efficiency 115-140 lm/W
Luminous Flux 1750-28000 lm
Color Temperature 3000/4000/5000/±300 K
CRI >70
Light Distribution Type II/III
Working Temperature -40°C~+50°C
Working Humidity 10%~90% RH
Storage Temperature -40°C~+55°C
Lifespan >50,000 Hours
Housing Material Die-casting aluminum
Product Dimension(mm) 568*234*114 697*307*108 697*307*120 790*307*122
IP Rating IP66
Certifications TUV/CE/CB/ENEC

The ultimate value of lighting is to meet people’s visual requirement, which is realized by the core technology of light distribution. As a pioneer in LED lighting industry, YIBAI attracts a lot of high-tech research experts who excel in optical design and lighting application.

By independent research and design, based on the technology of digital optical module, YIBAI is concentrating on LED light distribution design and application. Now YIBAI takes the lead in launching various lens with series light distribution which comply with IESNA standard .

The series light distribution covers almost all applications, such as road, tunnel, outdoor place, landscape architecture, venues, indoor, office and business. So, we are proud to announce that this light distribution technology has filled the gap in LED lighting industry.


A2S1/TYPE II light distribution
For roadway under 6 lanes and tunnel with high luminance overall uniformity without zebra.

A3/TYPE Ill 

For roadway above 6 lanes but less than 10 lanes and tunnel with high luminance overall uniformity without zebra.

A4/TYPE IV lighting distribution
For billboard, high-pole lamp, landscape architecture, low illumination, venues and parking lot

S7/GRAZER light distribution
For wall washer, landscape architecture, low illumination, etc.

S1/TYPE I light distribution
For roadway, square, venues, etc.

S5/TYPE V light distribution
For factories, warehouses, parking garage and courtyard

LED Street lighting (2)

LED Street lighting (2)



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