Bifacial PERC Half-Cell PV Module YB-(445-460)-BMB-BG Frame182

Product Features:

  • YIBAI solar redefined the high-efficiency module series by integrating 182mm silicon wafers with multi-busbar and half-cut cell technologies. The maximum module efficiency of the new half-cell series is 20%, and the maximum power output is 460W.
  • The multi-busbar improves the power generation performance of the cells, and the half-cell technology reduces losses caused by ribbon resistance, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the new series module by more than 5%. In addition, cutting cells in half also reduces the impact of micro-cracks and hot spot effects, allowing for dual performance and reliability improvements.
  • Affected by a significant increase in product power, the application of the new series in large commercial and utility power stations can significantly reduce LCOE, BoS, EPC, and land costs. Projects over 1MW can save at least 5% CAPEX per watt by using new series modules instead of standard modules.

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