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Petrol Station Lighting

Maximum benefit from LED lighting for petrol stations

LED petrol station lighting fixture helps save energy and reduce operational costs.

Maximum benefit from LED lighting for Pemex petrol stations

Project Challenges

According to the customer Pemex, many of their petrol stations were insufficiently lit in the area around the pump. This was unpleasant for customers, employees and ultimately damaging to the brand.

Right Lighting Solution

As well as making that area brighter and more attractive, the switch to LED lighting also provided the chance to save on energy consumption. Together with Yibai LED lighting, a study was conducted to work out the best lighting solution for Pemex. The successful test at petrol stations, where the prevailing HPI400 W lamps were replaced with the 100W Halo series canopy light, provided the solution. Now it was possible to determine exactly how many LED luminaires were required and where they had to be positioned to realize the maximum effect. This approach are often applied universally to each petrol station.

HALO series LED canopy light (3)
HALO series LED canopy light (3)

Superior and safe lighting that’s easy to regulate. That saves 70% on energy consumption too.

The new LED lighting for Pemex petrol stations demonstrates that these characteristics go together perfectly. “The difference is truly awesome,” says David, gasoline station manager for Pemex in Mexico city, he points to the new LED lighting that was recently fitted under the cover . “The forecourt, where people refuel their vehicles, is now tons brighter, making it easier to ascertain what’s happening .” His gasoline station is one among the first where existing lighting has been replaced with YIBAI LED lighting. This ‘retrofit’ happened as a results of a lighting improvement test at Pemex’s petrol stations that proved to be so successful that 174 Pemex petrol stations in Mexico city have been equipped with this lighting solution.

Gas Station

Attention value to enhance visibility, the present light level at the petrol stations are going to be increased considerably, from 200 to 400 lux around the pumps. Thanks to the integrated presence and twilight sensors, extra energy is often saved because light levels drop to 70% if there are not any motorists near the pumps. The presence and twilight sensors only have to be set once with the app on the phone phone and then the gasoline station manager can leave the system to try to do its job. The visibility of the forecourt from the shop is improved dramatically which is useful for both employees and customers. the color rendition of the sunshine increases the sensation of social safety – faces, vehicles, and, not unimportantly, license plates are often seen more clearly. This improves security as well because better lighting enhances the standard of the security camera images. In particular, the entire petrol stations now have better visibility from the highway. Through their improved illumination, the buildings are more striking, which may certainly be beneficial for sales.

Maximum benefit from LED lighting for Pemex petrol stations(2)
Maximum benefit from LED lighting for Pemex petrol stations(2)

Saves in some ways the switch to new LED lighting will give many Pemex petrol stations a positive boost. Additionally, presence detection will help to save lots of energy and reduce costs. While it’s difficult to predict how much are going to be saved because every station is slightly different, the gasoline station at Mexico city has demonstrated energy and price savings of 70%! The station could save even more by dimming the lights further when nobody is present at the pump. The new LED lighting has another benefit: “Replacing defective lamps was a daily task in the past. Apart from all the bother, it was also very expensive. This LED lighting features anticipation of more than 10 years. It’s terrific that we’re free of that chore.”

By working closely with our clients and providing one-stop solutions, we YIBAI LED LIGHTING were ready to deliver a gorgeous , well-lit working environment for the petrol stations. For any questions or needs on LED petrol station lighting fixturers, please feel free to contact us via info@yboptotech.comYIBAI LED LIGHTING, high quality LED lights with professional engineer team will revert to you within 24 hours!



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