Qinghai 100MW PV Power Station (4)

Longi and TCL Zhonghuan have announced wafer price cuts, Arctech Solar said it will supply 2.8 GW of single-axis trackers for solar projects in India, and Risen Energy has started mass production of its heterojunction (HJT) solar modules.

The cost of wafers has decreased by more than 27% at Longi. It stated that the price of their M6 wafers is currently CNY 4.54 ($0.65), a decrease of 27.24% from November 2022. P-type M10 wafers are presently being sold for CNY 5.4, down 27.22%.

Wafer price reductions were also revealed by TCL Zhonghuan. It stated that the price of its p-type G12 wafers has decreased by 23.7% to CNY 7.1. N-type M10 wafers are available for CNY 5.8 while G12 wafers are priced at CNY 7.5, both decreasing from November’s prices.

With an unnamed Indian developer, Arctech Solar has announced a 2.8 GW supply agreement for its SkyLine II single-axis solar trackers. The trackers will be applied to solar projects in Khavda, Gujarat, India. The projects are expected to be connected to the grid in 2023’s third quarter.

Risen Energy has disclosed that mass production of its most recent Hyper-Ion HJT solar panels has begun. The HJT cells, which are based on large-size 210 mm N-type wafers, have a panel efficiency of 22.5% and an average conversion efficiency of more than 26%. The panels can produce 710 W of power.

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