LED parking lot lights making exterior lighting a difference

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Exterior LED Parking Lot Lights: Making a Difference

How important is the parking area at your facility or building? Greatly! A parking area provides the means for visitors, tenants, customers, and guests to access your facilities or buildings. But when was the last time your parking lot obtained an update? What about an update that at the same time cut down on your monthly electricity bill and made your facility or building more energy-efficient? We’re not discussing restriping the asphalt … we’re discussing upgrading your parking lot lighting fixtures with LED pole-mounted lighting fixtures.

Why are exterior LED parking lot lights a renovation for your facilities?

There are a few vital distinctions between LED light innovation and conventional lighting technology that deserve to consider. First of all, “LED” represents a light-emitting diode, as well as this describes how LEDs produce light differently than traditional lights. Many older lighting technologies utilize a combination of filaments and fuel resources to generate light, however, there are 3 huge issues in this circumstance:

  1. Much of the power created by the old lights is released as heat not light, resulting in higher power waste, leading you to pay a higher energy cost
  2. The conventional light bulbs always create an omnidirectional light, which requires fixtures to direct the light.
  3. Extra mechanical parts (filament, connection wires, support wires, glass cover, etc) normally means more possibilities for failing.

What makes LED lighting technology innovative?

  • LED lighting fixturers for car parking area address all the concerns.
  • LEDs are much higher efficient since there is a much better light/heat ratio.
  • LEDs generate directional light, which implies much less light is wasted pointing up at the skies or off in a random direction.
  • The innovation behind LED lights is simple, much less maintenance is in need. Actually, some LEDs have a lifespan that is 4 times longer than the conventional counterparts. All of these aspects above lead to a compelling case for LED car parking lot lighting fixtures.

What difference will LED parking lot lights make in my parking lot?

A picture is worth a thousand words! Right here are some pictures from our previous YIBAI LED LIGHTING customers who upgrade their parking lot lighting fixtures to LED.

Apollo LED Parking lot light project case in USA Chicargo-Before (1)
Apollo LED Parking lot light project case in USA Chicago-Before (1)
Apollo LED Parking lot light project case in USA Chicargo-Before (2)
Apollo LED Parking lot light project case in USA Chicago-Before (2)

The most obvious advantage is a brighter, whiter light with a high CRI value that more accurately depicts or illustrates the naturally occurring color of objects. At the same time, you can see the larger footprint of each light, meaning that fewer luminaires are required to obtain the same lighting performance.

Apollo LED Parking lot light project case in USA Chicargo-After(3)
Apollo LED Parking lot light project case in USA Chicago-After(3)
Apollo LED Parking lot light project case in USA Chicargo-After(2)
Apollo LED Parking lot light project case in USA Chicago-After(2)

However what you can not see includes.

  • The wattage on LED parking lot lights is typically 50-75% less than that required for the conventional lights. This absolutely means you pay less electrical bill! We have customers who have actually seen financial savings of more than 75% on their energy expenses every month, maximizing valuable their capial.
  • There are abstract benefits for customers, consumers, and site visitors to your service or business when the car park is brightly lit and also properly well-maintained. The outstanding of raised safety and security is a refined yet essential one.
  • Completing an LED retrofit of parking lot lighting may seems daunting initially, however the return on investment is usually less than 3 years.

For any questions or needs on LED parking lot lights, please feel free to contact us the best LED shoebox lights manufacturer in China, via info@yboptotech.com. YIBAI LED LIGHTING with a professional engineer team will support you within 24 hours!

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