Intelligent lights makeour cities better and smarter


How is IoT technology making our cities better and smarter?

Urbanization is a non-ending phenomenon. Today, 54% of people globally live in cities, a proportion that’s anticipated to get to 66% by 2050. With the general population growth, urbanization will certainly add another 2.5 billion individuals to cities over the following 30 years. Environmental, social, and also financial sustainability is a must to keep pace with this quick expansion tiring our cities’ sources. 193 countries agreed upon the Sustainable Advancement Goals (SDGs) schedule in September 2015 at the United Nations. However we all understand exactly how central decisions and also actions must take some time, and also the clock is ticking.

But the good news?

People and authorities are definitely much more agile to launch swift campaigns, as well as smart city innovation, is critical to success and also make these goals come true.

Intelligent lights makeour cities better and smarter
Smart Solutions for Smart City

Secure wireless connectivity and also IoT innovation are changing typical elements of city life – like streetlights – into next-generation intelligent lights platforms with more abilities.

The scope consists of integrating solar energy and also linking to a cloud-based central control system that connects to various other ecological facilities. These solutions shine much far beyond simple needs about street lighting only.

For example, the High-power embedded LEDs alert commuters about traffic issues, provide severe weather warnings, and provide heads up when fires arise. 

The LED intelligent lights can detect free car parking space or area, and also EV charging anchors, as well as alert drivers, were to discover an open spot through a mobile phone application. Charging might even be able from the lamppost itself in some places!

LED Street Light Smart Control System (3)
LED Street Light Smart Control System (3)

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