indoor lighting products 25 Basic knowledge of lighting


25 Basic knowledge of lighting the application classifications

indoor lighting products 25 Basic knowledge of lighting

Office lighting

The overall goal is to improve people’s comfort and work efficiency. Normally the illuminance of indoor lighting products is required to be bright. An intermediate color temperature of about 4000k to 5000k can be used, the combination of artificial lighting and natural light. Normally the natural light and people have a natural intimacy, combined with natural lighting design, to meet people’s yearning for natural light. Office lighting usually has a high illuminance. Pay attention to the contrast of brightness and darkness, and the reflective properties of various materials to avoid glare.

Commercial lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in the commercial display. Therefore, most businesses pay more attention to lightings, such as display lighting, window lighting, etc., As well as professional commercial lighting design companies or commercial lighting lamps designed for certain types of products. A good lighting design can attract people’s eyes, also make the product full of beauty. For example, makeup shops or counters have relatively high requirements for lighting angles and color rendering. Fresh food stores also have relatively high requirements for the color rendering index, and it is best to have a better performance of the special color rendering index R9 so that the food looks more fresh and beautiful.

Hotel lighting

Different from general commercial display lighting, the hotel is mainly to provide guests with a comfortable and safe rest place. So the indoor lighting of hotels normally has its own characteristics. The entrance hall should be spacious and bright, but attention should be paid to the natural transition of indoor and outdoor light, and corridors and other places should be arranged with guiding lighting and emergency lighting. The guest room is the most important one. The color should be warm and comfortable, so warm color light is normally used. Generally, the contrast of the activity area needs to be above 85lx.

Different areas may need different indoor lighting products, so you must consider the specific regional lighting requirements. Usually, the regional lighting of a hotel is divided into general lighting, reading lighting, accent lighting, indirect lighting, and decorative lighting. Different lighting types can use different lamps, for example, general lighting can use ceiling lights, chandeliers, or downlights. Reading lighting can use wall lamps, desk lamps, or floor lamps.

Classroom lighting

The light requirements are relatively high, the illuminance is generally above 300lx, if it can reach 500lx, it will be better. Some provincial standards now require that the average color rendering index Ra, that is, the value of R1 to R8, be above 90, and the red saturation display index R9 is also required to be above 50. The general standard only requires the red display index to be greater than 0. For general lighting products, classroom lighting puts forward higher requirements. This is because students have a clear need for clear recognition of colors.

The new standard has different illumination requirements for different working surfaces, such as class desktop 300lx, blackboard 500lx, art classroom working surface 500lx, and laboratory working surface 700lx. Try not to have a gloss on the wall to avoid glare to maintain a balanced brightness with more natural lighting. In the classroom, blackboard lighting is the key point, and the vertical illuminance is generally required to be greater than 500lx. The blackboard is the key display area of ​​visual knowledge content, and the content covers all areas of the blackboard, so the uniformity of contrast is also relatively high, usually reaching above 0.8. Whether for students or teachers, blackboard lighting should not be affected by glare. As for the color of the blackboard, dark green is usually better because it requires both clarity and comfort.

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