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258 units of 150W outdoor ice rank LED lights project

YIBAI outdoor ice rank LED lights

As a leader in the sports lighting industry, Yibai Lighting has been committed to the R&D, design, production, sales, and service of LED lighting for stadiums since 2012. Over the past years, we have actively participated in the construction of various sports arenas, leading the industry’s innovation and development with rich experience and cutting-edge technology advantages. The Beijing Ice World is just a successful outdoor ice rink lighting project case our partner completed with Yibai professional ice rink lights in 2021.

The Beijing Ice World well known as the “Four Seasons Ice Rink”, is a paradise integrating ice and snow culture, professional training, sports, and entertainment. It is also one of the people’s livelihood projects led by the local municipal government. The first phase of the project covers an area of ​​56,000 square meters, of which the large ice rink is 1,350 square meters and the small ice rink is 500 square meters, which can accommodate nearly 700 people skating at the same time.

YIBAI LED LIGHTING, a professional led ice rink lights manufacturer, provided a total of 258 units of outdoor ice rank LED lights for the “big and small ice rinks” of the park.

Through the smart control technology, repeatedly testing, and careful data evaluation, we YIBAI LED Lighting successfully made the lighting standards of the “big and small ice rinks” meet the requirements of international competitions. Also, the HALO series LED high bay lights provide a pleasing visual experience for participants and spectators.

HALO series LED ice rink lighting fixture
HALO series LED ice rink lighting fixture

The lighting solution tailored by YIBAI LED Lighting for Ice World Park meets the requirements of Level III of “Sports Stadium Lighting Design and Testing Standards”. The Halo series indoor LED rink lights we used have a color rendering index CRI> 80 and a color temperature of 5000K. While improving the comfort of the athletes, it also clearly presents exciting and intense sports moments to the audience and brings more vitality into the stadium!

With over 15yeas experience in the LED lighting industry, we can not only manufacture the best quality lighting products but also provide the total solution for lighting projects. For any questions or need on indoor & outdoor ice rink court led lighting, please feel free to contact us via info@yboptotech.com, YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high quality LED lights with a professional engineer team will support you within 24 hours!

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