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How to choose professional sports lighting fixtures?

How to choose professional football field lights for your soccor field

Take an example of soccer field lights, how to choose a professional lighting fixture? After checking with many reputable football field lights manufacturers we get 3 tips for your reference when you need to make a professional lighting design with sports field lights:

Stadium Illumination Level: Whether the illuminance meets the standard.

Generally speaking, the vertical illuminance should be greater than 1/2 of the horizontal illuminance. When the vertical illuminance is equal to the horizontal illuminance, the lighting environment for a football field, baseball field, or basketball field is the most ideal.

Uniformity of stadium lighting: Whether the illuminance of the sports field is even.

The uniformity of illuminance is used to measure the visual conditions of stadiums. Uniformity means that the stadium should be able to be evenly illuminated, and there should be no areas that are too bright or too dark, so as to provide good visual conditions for players, spectators, and referees. For example, for television broadcasting, when the camera shoots the panorama of the competition area, the illuminance cannot have a sharp change, otherwise, it will cause the camera to expose.

Stadium glare: Whether the glare is obvious.

Glare is another important factor in evaluating the lighting quality of stadiums. The generation of glare is related to the installation method, height, installation density, quantity of the field lights, also the light distribution type of the lamps. When there is an excessively high brightness contrast in the field of view, people will feel glare, which will affect the visual comfort. Just like you look at the sun at noon on a sunny day, you will feel unable to open your eyes. This is just the glare caused by the high brightness. Normally, the glare of the stadium is a direct glare. If the LED soccer field lights are low installed, the light source will make the players feel dazzling when they play games, which will seriously affect the athlete’s observation of the ball movement.

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