LED Street Lights Guideline of Buying High Quality


Guideline of Buying High-Quality LED Street Light

Nowadays LED lights play a more and more important role in the lighting industry because of their significant functions like energy saving, good color rendering, long life span. This trend boosts the demand for LED street lights and brings manifold street light manufacturers to the lighting industry. Nevertheless, with the increasing number of producers, the frauds are also growing. So being mindful is vital while choosing LED street lights.

Choosing the best top quality LED street lighting fixtures, keep this guide in mind.

  • 1. For the LED chips, the cost will be different if the light efficacy is different. Normally the LEDs should meet the laser class I standard.
  • 2. LEDs with solid antistatic capability have long life span as well as high cost. Normally, LEDs with antistatic voltage higher than 700V can be a good choice for LED street lights.
  • 3. LED chips with the same wavelength have the same color. However it is challenging for producers without LED spectrophotometers to produce the led chips with pure colors.
  • 4. LED is a unidirectional conductive light-emitting product. If there is a reverse current, which we call the leakage. LEDs with large leak current normally have shorter life and also lower quality.
  • 5. LEDs with various usages have different light-emitting angles. Special lighting angle causes higher cost. Such as complete diffusion angle, the rate is greater.
  • 6. The trick to top quality is life span, and this is identified by light degeneration. Low light decay typically mean the good quality & long life span, furthermore the rate is high.
  • 7. LED Chips manufacturers are mianly from USA, CHINA, JAPAN. KOREAN and TAWEIN. Normally, the prices of Taiwan and China brand LED chips are less than those in Japan and USA (CREE, LUMILEDS, BRIDGELUX).
  • 8. The dimension of the LED chip is defined by the chip length & width. The quality of the big size LED chip is better than that of the little lize. And always the big size chip has a higher power.
  • 9. The heat dissipation capacity is really crucial, since LED is a semiconductor material, it will certainly lose its lighting function when the flux are reduced to 30% of the original due to the impact of temperature level. The lifespan of YIBAI LED LIGHTING high-power LED street lights is 100,000 hrs.
  • 10. The exterior material of LED light need to be made of pure Polyester based powder finish, which can withstand sunshine as well as outside weather condition. Also the durable die-casting aluminum alloy body can endure wind/rain and various other heavy weather.
  • 11. The products need to pass the IP65 water & dust resistant test.
  • 12. Based on the street configuration, the road width, pole distance,etc the wattage & quantity of street lights could be determined though the DIAlux lighting simulation.

After we figure out the criteria of LED street lights, it ′ s time to select a qualified street light manufacturer.

To choose the best LED street lights supplier, it takes some time to check the detailed background of various manufacturers, including the factory’s R&D capability, patents, quality control management, as well as the after service, etc.

Currently, there are many well-known manufacturers in the industry, and YIBAI LED LIGHTING is the one you can trust. Thanks to our expertise and understanding of energy-efficient light, YIBAI was able to select the right technical solution with a good return on investment to meet its customer’s needs and deliver within the budget and deadlines set. We also performed a review to ensure the street lamp installation was to the customer’s satisfaction.

For any questions or needs on LED street lighting, please feel free to contact us via info@yboptotech.com, YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high quality LED lights with the best street light fixtures manufacturer in China, will reply to you within 24 hours.



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