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Parking Garage Lighting

Continuous lighting & flexible dimming system for optimal safety in Tijuana’s parking garage

How waterproof lighting is making the Tijuana parking garage safer.

Following its motto ‘Improve the Town Centre’ the municipality of Tijuana wanted to upgrade its facilities at the same time maintaining and upgrading the historic centre. A crucial step was the phased redevelopment and expansion of the residential care centre. Phase one was reserved for the renovation of this historic building. Phase two for brand spanking new build, including the development of the Tijuana underground parking garage. This is often situated partly under the new complex and includes 208 parking spaces. 45 of those are intended for visitors to Tijuana hospital and therefore the rest for visitors to the town.

Continuous lighting & flexible dimming system for optimal safety in Tijuana’s parking garage
Continuous lighting & flexible dimming system for optimal safety in Tijuana’s parking garage

Customer questions & project challenges

“In the specifications, we included a beautiful lighting plan for the parking garage,” says the parking garage management supervisor Mr. Juan, on behalf of the contractor. “The idea was to use fluorescent fixtures interconnected with endless light lines to realize an optimal lighting effect. This proved to be impossible using traditional lighting because the lighting was too intense, the dimming system very poor, and therefore the operational and usage costs were extortionate.” When Mr. Juan came in touch with YIBAI LED LIGHTING via the project contractor, everything changed. “YIBAI wanted to assist us in creating endless light lines employing a suitable LED solution. This meant that the first lighting design didn’t get to change. For all parties involved this was a dream scenario.”

Canopy Lighting Solution

The robust, waterproof Halo series LED canopy light was used for the most ceiling lights. Thanks to their perfect beam control, high radiant flux of white light, simple installation and optimal dimming system, these are a perfect solution for parking garages. An equivalent is true of the ‘directional’ lux space, which ensures a consistent distribution when utilized in combination with the ‘Halo’. The brilliant , vandal-resistant LED on the doorway hall ceiling complete the image. Mr. Juan: “We find it especially interesting that we will still work on this LED solution. It’s probable that within subsequent 5 years, more energy-efficient LED fixtures will hit the market. If this is often the case, then this fixtures are often replaced.”

There are more advantages, “LED lighting is more energy efficient than traditional lighting. Especially because the lights dim when it detects that there are not any people present. We save 50-60% on energy, screws and maintenance costs, and make an optimum sense of safety through the flexible dimming system. Because of the continual light line, we creates a more relaxing atmosphere. There are not any dark corners.” The answer fits in well with the town’s sustainability goals and their pursuit to work in a fashion that’s as climate neutral as possible.

“We want to ascertain if we will replace traditional lighting with LEDs in other public places. there’s tons of energy to be gained, especially in urban environments.”

By working closely with our clients and providing one-stop solutions, we YIBAI LED LIGHTING were ready to deliver a gorgeous , well-lit working environment for the parking garage. For any questions or needs on LED canopy lighting fixturers, please feel free to contact us via info@yboptotech.comYIBAI LED LIGHTING, high quality LED lights with professional engineer team will revert to you within 24 hours!



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