Commercial lighting market four major trends in the future


Four major trends in the commercial lighting market

Four major trends in the commercial lighting market

Commercial space lighting, as the name implies, is to be oriented towards “income-generating”, ranging from a large shopping plaza to a restaurant. On the macro level, commercial space lighting must be artistic and capable of attracting passenger flow in appearance. On the micro-level, commercial lighting must be able to fully display the product details and features.

The development of LED commercial lighting is very rapid, with new changes every year. Now people are more concerned about how LEDs are used in commercial lighting spaces to experience the best light environment. Then, regarding commercial space lighting, we summarized 4 major trends in the commercial lighting market based on years of experience.

Intelligent control

With the development of big data and the Internet of Things, a large number of smart lamps and smart lights have been brought up in our daily life. The smart lighting system is a system for intelligent control and management of lights. Compared with traditional lighting, it can realize intelligent lighting control, voice control, dimming control, scene selection, single light remote control, group lights on-and-off control, and multiple control methods by computer or smartphone.

Light and color consistency

Without exception, high-end commercial lighting companies have begun to pursue the consistency of light and color, and every customer wants a unique color performance. Uniformity is very important in a business environment. When a row of lights is powered on, it is not acceptable to see the difference in a light color.

Diversified structure

Commercial lighting lamps and lanterns have higher and higher requirements for appearance structure, rich structural choices, and varied shapes. With the different product appearances that are designed for specific applications, the consumers can experience that lighting is not only lighting but also an art, a life attitude.

Light quality

With the upgrading of social consumption, people have higher and higher requirements for lighting. And the quality of light is valued by more and more consumers, engineers, and designers. High-quality lighting can increase the value of the business environment. Therefore, light quality, especially human-oriented lighting experience is very important. It is necessary to meet the needs of illuminance and luminous flux. Also, it is very important to make the light output of the luminaire optimal, anti-glare, and visually comfortable through structural and optical design. The environment in the evening and night must provide light and color with low illumination and warm color temperature, so as to stimulate the production of melatonin in the human body and improve the quality of human sleep. Therefore, the pursuit of light quality is different in different places and environments.

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