cold nature warm color temperature and color rendering index


25 Basic knowledge of lighting, color temperature, and color rendering index

color temperature and color rendering index

The color temperature reflects the color of white light, and the color rendering index reflects the ability of light to reproduce the color.

There is no obvious relationship between them, but at warm color temperature, because the luminous flux is always an important data of the LED light source, so if you pursue high luminous flux then the color rendering index will be lower. If the luminous flux is constant and the chip remains the same, the color rendering index of the products with low color temperature will also be lower.

Color temperature and luminous flux

In the process of generating white light using blue light chips to excite yellow phosphors, the higher the color temperature, the better the light output.

Color temperature and illuminance

The relationship between color temperature and illuminance is more related to people’s feelings. High color temperature is matched with higher illuminance, and low color temperature is matched with lower illuminance, and the light will make people feel comfortable. The former makes people feel bright, while the latter makes people feel warm and comfortable. But if you use high color temperature with low illuminance, the light will be cold, and some TV and movie horror scenes will often use this kind of setting. The low color temperature and high illuminance will make people feel irritable and feel uncomfortable such as sultry.

Color temperature has a very close relationship with people. Warm color temperature, that is, warm yellow light, will give people a warm, comfortable, and warm feeling. It will relax people’s spirits. It is especially suitable for leisure and relaxation or before going to bed at night. Some cafes often use this kind of warm light for ambient light. Low-color warm yellow lighting is often used in hotels.

But why does it give people this feeling? The reasons are more complicated. This may be related to human genes. In the distant ancient times, human beings would light a campfire to sleep in order to avoid the attacks of wild beasts at night, which would make them feel more secure and comfortable. This feeling of warm yellow light may have been engraved in their genes.

The relationship between warm color temperature light and sleep is mainly related to melatonin. Warm color temperature light will have this effect, and people will easily fall asleep under warm yellow light.

The high color temperature light has the effect of enhancing people’s alertness. However, long-term stimulation will make people slack off and lower efficiency, so it is not recommended to work under such light for a long time. The most suitable light is 4000k. This kind of natural white light is similar to the color temperature of the light about 2 to 3 hours after the sun comes out in the morning. The light is naturally white and may have a little yellow light. This color temperature light can keep people in good condition and efficiency for a long time.

There are many factors related to color temperature. Generally, for the lighting of the learning and working environment, it is recommended to use a color temperature of about 4000k, and the illuminance can be selected above 300lx. But if the ambient temperature is very low, you should choose a higher color temperature and higher illuminance. For example, if the temperature is only a dozen degrees, you can choose a color temperature of 5000k or higher and 500lx illuminance for lighting.

Color temperature is also related to a person’s historical experience, growth environment, and personal preference. For example, some elderly people prefer warm yellow light, which may be related to the history of using incandescent lamps when they were young. The color temperature of the incandescent lamp is around 2850k, which is a low-color warm light. The preference of Northern Europeans for light with high color temperature may be related to their geographical environment.

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