bookstore lighting design show the bookstores charm


Three ways of bookstore lighting design to show the characteristics and charm of bookstores

Three ways of bookstore lighting design to show the characteristics and charm of bookstores (1)

In modern times, with the acceleration of the pace of life and the development of the media, people’s expectations of the bookstore have changed. People go to bookstores not just for reading and buying books, but also for a kind of sentimental drive, or nostalgia, or to feel the cultural atmosphere. The purpose of the bookstore lighting design is to allow customers to intuitively and clearly receive the information on the books, thereby stimulating reading interest, creating a good reading atmosphere, and promoting consumers’ desire to buy books. At the same time, it shows the characteristics and charm of the bookstore to achieve the effect of attracting customers. Therefore, a comfortable lighting environment is essential for bookstores. So how to design bookstore lighting?

Use light and shadow to shape space

Light and shadow themselves are relatively dialectical substances, and expressing shadows is actually a method of highlighting objects to increase the sense of three-dimensionality. Through the arrangement of lamps and lanterns, the order of light and shadow is shaped in the bookstore space. The larger the light beam angle, the softer the light. For example, many bookstore ceilings use grilles to hide many fire-fighting accessories, pipes, and lamps. The shadow on the top of the grille can effectively weaken the lamp’s skyline, distinguish the top surface from the wall, and have an overall sense of space.

Three ways of bookstore lighting design to show the characteristics and charm of bookstores (2)

Combination of point light, line light and surface light

Many modern bookstores not only sell books but also display many cultural, life and art products. When displaying these various products, the shelves on the wall, the independent open island-shaped display rack, and the merchandise display cabinet should be combined, using rich lighting methods to show them. Through different point lights, line lights, and surface light in each area produce brightness differences in different places. In this way, the light component will not be limited to one direction, but the entire space will become colorful when we look at the entire space in a macroscopic view. Also pay special attention to the position and direction of the point, line and surface light source and the surface state of the illuminated material when creating the lighting level effect.

Highlight the space of different heights and the overall indoor space

When the ceiling height of the bookstore space is too high, in addition to setting up lights on the ceiling, we can also install high-power uplights on the wall to illuminate the ceiling, which can increase the brightness of the space. The light reflected by the ceiling can also be effectively irradiated on the ground to enhance the lighting effect. Just like the natural light shining from the windows during the day, it can make the space more three-dimensionally presented. Thus, the wall, the top surface, and the ground are more effectively distinguished, and the light is softer. At the same time, people will feel happier when reading books in this situation.

Three ways of bookstore lighting design to show the characteristics and charm of bookstores (3)

For the façade of the bookstore, we can use a large area of glass windows to illuminate the entire interior by illuminating the glass windows. In order to avoid the phenomenon that the indoor brightness is too high and the light & shadow are reflected on the glass windows, we can arrange the downlights on the side close to the windows, and it is necessary to consider not letting the indoor light leak to the outdoors. In this way, we can make the three-dimensional sense of the bookstore space stronger, and make the outdoor night scene more attractive.

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