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Indoor badminton court lighting, what kind of lamps are the best?

What kind of lamps are best for indoor badminton court lighting
What kind of lamps are best for indoor badminton court lighting

If you want to buy the best lighting fixtures for indoor badminton court, firstly you need to understand the 3 basic indicators, illuminance, lighting uniformity, and glare. As a professional badminton court lights manufacturer, the below advice is just for your reference when you need a wonderful lighting design for your badminton court.


Reasonable illuminance can not only ensure the normal performance of the athletes, the accurate judgment of the referees but also ensure that the audience in the badminton court and in front of the TV can watch the game comfortably. Different sports also require different illuminance. The illuminance required for sports events and commercial activities is also different.

Illumination uniformity

The ratio of the minimum illuminance value to the maximum illuminance value is the uniformity of illuminance. Whether it is an indoor badminton court or an open-air badminton court, the requirements for lighting, normally the lux level required for badminton court is very high. Taking an indoor badminton court as an example, more lights tend to gather in the middle field, but areas with too much light projected will bring glare, and in the backboard area the brightness of the light is often weak. So, ensuring the uniformity of the lighting of the overall venue, which plays a vital role in the level of athletes.


To ensure uniform illumination from all angles and prevent glare, the elevation angle from the lowest point of the stadium lights to the lamps must be greater than 45°. Meanwhile, in order to prevent the lighting fixtures from directly projecting light to the athletes or spectators, the gymnasiums should use computers to calculate light projection points. Besides, to ensure the uniformity and reasonable distribution of light, we also need to avoid the stadium lights being located higher and much more dispersed. Indoor glare can also be caused by different floor materials or reflections on the water surface of swimming pools, so you can also install grilles or baffles for the lamps to reduce glare.

So, what kind of lamp is the best for the indoor badminton lighting?

In the choice of lighting fixtures for badminton courts, I would recommend Yibai LED lighting who is a professional China LED badminton lighting products manufacturer. For different badminton indoor court dimensions, height, building design, Yibai will always offer the best lighting solutions! Meanwhile, YIBAI products have these three characteristics, they can meet the exact needs of different types of badminton court!

what kind of lamps are the best for the indoor badmintone lighting?
  1. Low glare; uniform light distribution, built-in anti-glare and anti-overflow devices.
  2. Unique light distribution technology; customized LED sports lighting equipment to match the actual situation of the venue, which can scientifically adjust the level of illuminance and uniformity of illuminance to meet the requirements of high luminous efficiency and low glare.
  3. Green energy-saving, low carbon and environmental protection; instantaneous switch start, easy to use, and more than 65% energy saving than traditional metal halide lamps, long service life!

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