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Architectural Lighting

Six tips for professional architectural lighting design

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Light has become the soul of modern architectural art. Architectural lighting design uses light to create a brand new architectural night scene. The beautifully shaped buildings will be more charming and moving under the background of the lights. The architectural lighting design is a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional artistry. The strong light and shadow displayed by the building under the light can enrich the layered and three-dimensional sense of the building. Different building materials can create colorful, concise, and modern night lighting effects under the illumination of different lights.

Building architectural lighting, as an important base of urban lighting, shoulders the mission of improving the image of the city and enhancing the attractiveness of the city. The design can be summarized into 6 main points:

The entrance and exit of the building have a large flow of people. In order to highlight the prominent position, the illumination should be increased and the brightness of the entrance should be high.

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Clarify the building structure. According to the appearance characteristics of the building, combined with the surrounding environment for comprehensive consideration. Starting from the needs of the light environment and stimulating the public’s aesthetic consciousness, the architectural lighting design should combine function and beauty. At the same time, we should pay attention to the coordination of lighting design and architectural modeling, and make it won’t affect the landscape of the building in the daytime and cause light pollution. In this way, the creativity of lighting is perfectly integrated into the design concept of the building. Through the professional architectural lighting design, the high-end and luxury of the building are truly expressed, and the soul of modern architecture is also fully displayed.

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Due to the functional characteristics of the building, the light color of the external wall floodlighting is mostly yellow and white. It is taboo to use colored light and a large amount of dynamic light color.

On the top of the building, highlight the outline to spread the building’s commercial value. When the overall building facade has uniform illumination, it will allow the building to stand out from the surrounding messy lights, highlighting the upright towering of the building and its modern architecture.

The principle of choosing lamps. The selected light fixture must meet the light distribution requirements of the design, the appearance of the lamps is beautiful, and the shape of the lamps should be coordinated and matched with the building exterior materials and shapes. The quality should be stable and reliable, which are the most critical elements that affect the quality of the project and maintenance in the future.

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Intelligent control. Automatic and manual control and implements control methods at different time periods of major festivals, normal times, and late at night. Follow the principles of energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development, and use intelligent lighting control systems to turn the building into an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting project.

In the construction and details of the building, it is also recommended to use LED light sources or linear light to outline the beautiful contours of the building, use deep light and shadow to express architectural components, use various methods to reflect the architectural artistic characteristics, and used combined lighting to create a variety of art atmosphere, to achieve the ideal night scene effect. The reasonable and effective lighting configuration can fully display the three-dimensional sense of the building and the environmental atmosphere.

Excellent architectural lighting should be organically integrated with the building, fully display the architectural form and texture of the building, follow the principles of green lighting, and conduct scientific lighting design for the building.

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