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Advantages & disadvantages of LED solar street lighting system

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Solar)
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Solar)

What you need to know about LED solar street light?

With the development of street lighting modern technology, nowadays a growing number of areas utilize solar street lights, which is much energy-saving and also eco-friendly.

Functioning principle

Under the control of the smart solar charge controller, solar panels absorb sunlight in the day time, furthermore convert it into electrical energy to charge the battery pack. Then in the night time the batteries can power to the LED lamps. The solar controller can protect the battery pack from damage because of overcharging or overdischarging, as well as it has features such as dimming control, time control, temperature compensation, surge protection, and also reverse polarity protection.

Structure design

The solar street light is composed of LED lamp, solar panel, battery, solar controller, street light pole and connect cables. Its major components and also features are:

  • Photovoltaic panel. Solar panel is the core component of the solar energy generation system. Its feature is to convert the sunlight ′ s radiant into electrical energy, furthermore to charge the solar batteries.
  • Solar charge controller. The solar charge controller always control the whole system, including the charging process between the solar panel & battery, also the discharge process from the battery to the solar lamps. Meanwhile the solar controller can protect the battery from overcharging or over-discharging.
  • Battery. Generally speaking, the lead-acid gel battery is an ideal battery solution for the normal solar street lighting project, due to its high cost performance and stable quality. However the lead-acid battery is always with a big size, so in a tiny or micro systems, nickel-hydrogen battery, nickel-cadmium battery or lithium battery can be a good choice.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of LED solar street light?


  • There is no need to build the power supply cables for the solar street lights as the solar system is off-grid, which means a lots of labour cost could be saved. For the installation only a cement base & a battery housing are in need, they can be easily fixed by galvanized bolts. At the same time, compared to the normal street lighting system with AC220V high voltage power supply input, there is no worry about power outages.
  • LED solar powered street light is one-time investment but also long-term benefits. Based on the off-grid system, there is no maintainance costs or electricity costs. The investment will certainly be recovered in 6-7 years, and more than 1 million electricity & security expenses will be saved in the following 3-4 years.
  • Solar energy street light is 12-24V DC low voltage input, which is much more safe and reliable.
  • The LED soar light is eco-friendly lighting product with pollution-free and radiation-free.
  • Along with the LED lighting technology development, the LED luminaires can acheive a very long lifespan with more than ten years now, which is much longer than the conventional lamps.


1. The level of development of solar applications with low power & high expense is theoretically practical in some areas, and also technically innovative. Nonetheless, some solar power devices has low power and also high expense. Generally speaking, the economy level can not match the conventional power.

2. Although the overall quantity of solar radiation arriving to the surface of the eartg is very large, the energy density is still very low. Therefore, a set of collection and conversion devices with a large area is always required when utilizing solar energy, and the expense is relatively high.

YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Solar)
YIBAI LED Street Lighting Projects (Solar)

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