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Which lamp is better for the lighting of the 3-a-side basketball court?

Which lamp is better for the lighting of the 3-a-side basketball court

Basketball is mainly divided into five-a-side basketball and three-a-side basketball. Currently, five-a-side basketball has a high degree of attention. However, as the three-a-side basketball joins the Olympic family, it is bound to usher in the gold of development period! The lighting of a three-a-side basketball court is an important part of the design of the court, and it is more complicated.

It must not only meet the requirements of athletes for competitions and audience viewing, but also meet the requirements of live TV broadcasts about lighting color temperature, lux level on the ground, and uniformity of illuminance. Normally this requirement is much higher than that of athletes and audiences. In addition, the installation of lighting fixtures needs to be closely matched with the overall planning of the court structure. Especially the maintenance of lighting equipment is closely related to the basketball court architectural design. According to the FIBA guide to basketball facilities, the size of a standard basketball court is normally 14×15 meters. For the 3-a-side court, the size is only half of a standard court, or appropriately reduced in proportion (length reduced by 1 meter, width reduced by 2 meters). Baskets 3.05 meters above the ground are provided for adult groups and youth groups above junior high school (including junior high school). And baskets 2.8 meters above the ground are provided for men’s elementary school, women’s junior high, and elementary school groups.

Due to the different uses of the three-a-side basketball court, the illumination requirements are also different.

Training and entertainment activities need illumination 300lx, amateur competition 500lx, professional competition 750lx. TV broadcasts need a higher vertical illumination, generally, the domestic competitions need 1000lx, while the international competitions 1400lx, high-definition HDTV broadcasting 2000lx.

Here are 5 tips when choosing a professional lighting fixture for a 3-a-side basketball court:

1. The installation height of the indoor basketball lights should be 8-15M according to the indoor basketball court roof height, the NOVA-UM series floodlight could be an ideal option.

2. For some special outdoor basketball stadiums, we can use LED stadium lights with an explosion-proof function.

3. The power of the lamp should be compatible with the size, installation location, and height of the competition venue, and the lights should be guaranteed to work uninterrupted or start quickly.

4. The lamps should have a suitable color temperature, good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life span, stable lighting performance, and good photoelectric characteristics.

5. The correlated color temperature of the lights should also meet the lighting requirements!

Therefore, when buying a basketball light fixture, you can’t blindly look at the price only. For any questions or need on indoor & outdoor basketball court led lighting, please feel free to contact us via info@yboptotech.com, YIBAI LED LIGHTING, high quality LED lights with a professional engineer team will support you within 24 hours!

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