All in one energy storage system/

Stacked ESS All in One Built in Inverter 10.24KWh~40.96KWh 5KVA

Rated Energy(kWh):10kWh/15kWh/20kWh/25kWh/30kWh/35kWh/40kWh

Battery Module:51.2V100Ah

Battery Cell:LiFePO4

Cycle Life:6000 cycles @0.3C

Charge Voltage:57.6V @25℃

Min Discharge Voltage:43.2V @25℃

Max Charge Current:100A @25℃

Max Discharge Current:100A @25℃

Operation Temperature:Charge: 0°C-50°C/Discharge: -20°C-55°C

Inverter Power:5000VA/5000W

Output Voltage:European:220-230-240V American:120V

Inverter Parallel:Max 6 units

PV Array Power:5200W

MPPT Voltage:120-450VDC

Solar Charge Current:80A

AC Charge Current:60A

  • Product Details

The product is an energy storage inverter integrated machine, featuring high integration, high reliability, convenient installation, etc; The inverter module is designed with a mature scheme, and the lithium battery is lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4), which is characterized by high reliability, high safety and long cycle life. The battery is equipped with an intelligent BMS lithium battery management system, which has the functions of overcharge protection, over discharge protection, temperature protection, over-current protection, etc., and comprehensively monitors the key parameters of the battery.

This product adopts a stacked design, including inverter module and standard battery module with a standard module capacity of 5kwh/51.2V100Ah; Users can flexibly choose the number and configuration of battery modules based on their actual electricity needs. The inverter module has a power of 5kW and supports American standard AC110V and European standard AC230V outputs. lf higher output power is required, stacking systems can be used in parallel, supporting up to 6 systems in parallel.

Battery parameters
Technical Data51.2V200Ah51.2V300Ah51.2V400Ah51.2V500Ah51.2V600Ah51.2V700Ah51.2V800Ah
Battery Module512V100Ah/16S1P
Rated Energy (kWh)10.24kwh15.36kwh20.48kwh25.6kwh30.72kwh35.84kwh40.96kwh
Number of Modules2P3P4P5P6P7P8P
Cell TypeLFP (LiFePO4)
Charge Voltage57.6V @25℃
Min. discharge voltage43.2V@25℃
Max. charge curent100A@25℃
Max. discharge current100A@25℃
Operation TemperatureCharge Tempera: 0℃-50℃ / discharge tempera : -20℃-55℃
Cycle Life6000 Cycles @0.3C
Inverter parameters
Rate Power5000VA/5000W
Monitoring OptionWiFi
Output VoltageEuropean stanard:220-230-240VAC American Standard120Vac: (single phase)
Surge Power10000VA3S
Peak Efficiency0.92
Transfer Time10ms
Inverter ParallelYes, max 6 units
Wave FormPure Sine Wave
Altx:PV Array Power5200W
MPPT Voltage Range120~450Vdc
Solar Charge Current80A
AC Charge Current60A
Protection GradeIP20( indoor use )
Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz (Autosensing)


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