LED Street Light/

Shark series LED Street Light






Light Distribution:Type II, Type III


LED Chips:Lumileds3030.Lumileds5050

Lighting Control:Photocell/DALi/1~10V/IoT

Surge Protection:10KV.20KV

IP Rating:IP66

IK Rating:IK09

Certificates:CE, RoHS, ENEC,UL,SAA,PSE

Warranty:5 years/10 years conditionally

  • Product Details

The Shark Series LED street lights from Yibai Lighting are a perfect combination of technology, design, and functionality. These lights are designed to meet the energy efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance requirements for roadway, area, and parking applications.

One of the key features of the Shark Series is its high-efficiency light source, which has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. This means that these lights will last for many years without needing replacement, making them an excellent investment for any organization looking to reduce their long-term maintenance costs. In addition to its long lifespan, the Shark Series also incorporates effective thermal management technology. This technology helps to ensure that the lights remain reliable even in extreme temperatures, further enhancing their performance and durability.

Another advantage of the Shark Series is its superior payback period. The energy savings achieved by using these lights can result in significant cost savings for organizations over time. Furthermore, the sustainable design of these lights ensures that they do not compromise style or aesthetic appeal. Overall, the Shark Series LED street lights from Yibai Lighting are an excellent choice for organizations looking for a reliable and energy-efficient lighting solution for their roadways, areas, and parking lots.


The Shark’s rugged housing is made from a custom-formulated low copper aluminum alloy, which is created using a pore-free, high-pressure die casting process. This die-cast aluminum housing is free of any metallurgical defects and boasts excellent dimensional consistency, mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity. The casting surface is electrostatically coated with a thermoset TGIC polyester powder paint over a chromate conversion coating. This corrosion-resistant finish has been tested to withstand prolonged salt spray and UV exposure, meeting the ASTM B117/ASTM G154 standards and fulfilling the ASTM D523 gloss retention requirement. The wet location listed luminaire features IP66 rated electrical and optical chambers. The electrical chamber is designed with a watertight micro-membrane breather for pressure compensation, preventing internal pressure buildup and vacuums. Additionally, the housing features tool-less entry for easy maintenance.

Thermal Management

The aluminum housing of this product offers excellent heat dissipation due to its high thermal conductivity and superior cooling design. The smooth surface of the housing eliminates the need for external fins that can accumulate dust and debris. The top of the housing is made of smooth aluminum with a self-cleaning aerodynamic shape, ensuring consistent airflow across the cooling surface. To minimize the thermal resistance between the LED junction and the housing, all components along the thermal path have low thermal impedance and high performance. The LEDs are soldered to an MCPCB with a thermally efficient dielectric layer and undergo rigorous testing to meet strict reliability requirements for both thermal performance and electrical breakdown strength.

Lightsource And Optics

The Shark Series LED street lights come in various models that feature LED engines with 18, 24, 36, 54, 72, or 96 Cree/Osram LEDs. These high-efficiency LED engines generate up to 22700 lumens of light with excellent color rendering and chromaticity stability. Their inherent thermal stability, combined with excellent system-level thermal management, ensures high lumen maintenance and color quality even at higher temperatures and drive currents. Precision-molded secondary optics enable highly optimized target illumination performance. The TIR optical lens produces Type 1 Short, Type 2, or Type 3 distribution with high uniformity and maximum column spacing.


The long-life LED systems are powered by 525mA/700mA Mean Well/Inventronics drivers that can handle a voltage input of 100 VAC up to 277 VAC. These constant current LED drivers provide high efficiency, excellent power factor correction, and low total harmonic distortion (THD) even with wide variations in input. They also feature a comprehensive set of advanced protection features that ensure reliable operation over a broad range of input voltages and temperature conditions. Additionally, a built-in SPD device protects the lighting system from multiple surges of up to 10 kV. An automatic circuit breaker is included as an optional safety feature. The electrical components are connected using quick disconnect harnesses for easy field maintenance.

Smart Control

The Mean Well/Inventronics LED drivers utilized in Shark LED street lights come in various models that offer comprehensive dimming options, including both stand-alone and network protocols. The Shark Series is designed to work seamlessly with NEMA twist-lock photocells for automatic dusk-to-dawn operation. Users can also opt for the wireless control module integration, which allows each light fixture to function as a wireless node for remote monitoring and control.


The Shark Series LED street lights are equipped to be installed using slipfitter or horizontal arm mounting methods and can accommodate steel poles with either a 48mm or 60mm outer diameter. The light fixtures feature an adjustable inclination mechanism that enables a tilt of +15° to -15° in increments of 5°, along with cast-in leveling guides for precise positioning.

YIBAI LED Lighting products are designed for the global market. Please contact our sales team for certification details. Products information here is for reference only. Some options may not be available for each configuration. Please contact us for further details.



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