LED Flood Light/

Moon series LED Flood Light






Light Distribution:30°/60°/90°/120°/60X135°/85X135°


LED Chips:Lumileds3030.Lumileds5050

Lighting Control:Photocell/DALi/1~10V/IoT

Surge Protection:10KV.20KV

IP Rating:IP66

IK Rating:IK09

Certificates:CE, RoHS, ENEC,UL,SAA,PSE

Warranty:5 years/10 years conditionally

  • Product Details

The Moon Series 200W-1400W high power LED flood lights are the result of Yibai LED Lighting’s core technological innovation in solid state lighting. These lights offer reliable and cost-effective LED lighting solutions, providing significant energy and maintenance savings compared to traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium (HPS) systems. With a long rated operation life that virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance, the Moon series LED floodlight offers an impressive return on investment. Constructed to maximize both performance and reliability, the Moon Series is suitable for a wide range of large area applications, including sports complexes, parking lots, airport aprons, railway terminals, ports, and industrial facilities.

The Moon series high power LED luminaire is designed with a modular structure that offers flexibility in design, simplifies field maintenance, and allows for future technology upgrades. It features up to 12 integral LED modules that generate an industry-leading output of 243,000 lumens with a luminous flux as high as 180 LPW. The modular LED engines use Lumileds’ high flux-density chip scale packaging technology to achieve high efficiency and flux at high current density. These powerful modules are designed with a high efficiency thermal path due to the high packing density on the PCB achieved through direct bonding of LED chips to a metallized ceramic substrate.

The Moon series LED high mast light integrates heat sinking between the LED modules and a heavy-duty aluminum housing to maintain the junction temperature of the LED at the lowest possible value. The metal core-based LED modules provide high lumen density with minimal performance degradation over their designed lifespan, resulting from the optimized thermal link between the high power LED ceramic submounts and MCPCB. The interlocking construction creates an interconnected, adequately dimensioned thermal path from the LED die through the heat sinks of the LED modules to the aluminum housing. Aerodynamic vents provide an air ventilation route for convective cooling and reduce wind load on the fixture.

Moon series LED flood light

The Moon series light engine offers a variety of secondary optics options that can be molded over the LEDs, allowing for multiple beam patterns to meet specific application requirements. These precision-molded optical lenses come in spot, narrow, medium, wide, horizontal, and forward throw light distributions, providing superior field to beam ratios, minimal light trespass, and improved visual acuity regardless of mounting height. The lenses are sealed to the LED boards for precise and permanent alignment with the optics.

Yibai’s double-lock coupling silicone gasketing technology ensures that the LED modules have an IP68 rating for watertight integrity. The Moon Series LED luminaires are powered by IP67 and UL wet rated Inventronics drivers, which offer output currents ranging from 800 to 1200 mA. These constant current LED drivers are equipped with numerous features to deliver high efficiency, high power factor, low harmonic distortion, and exceptional system reliability across a wide range of operating conditions. Moon’s rugged and solid construction provides high vibrational stability, while the aluminum housing is coated with TGIC polyester powder for superior weatherability and corrosion resistance. A heavy-duty, adjustable yoke bracket with aiming degree markers makes installation easy.

YIBAI LED Lighting products are designed for the global market. Please contact our sales team for certification details. Products information is for reference only. Some options may not be available for each configuration. Please contact us for further details.



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