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Artemis series LED Flood Light






Light Distribution:30°/60°/90°/120°/60X135°/85X135°


LED Chips:Lumileds3030.Lumileds5050

Lighting Control:Photocell/DALi/1~10V/IoT

Surge Protection:10KV.20KV

IP Rating:IP66

IK Rating:IK09

Certificates:CE, RoHS, ENEC,UL,SAA,PSE

Warranty:5 years/10 years conditionally

  • Product Details

The Yibai LED Lighting’s Artemis Series LED flood lights are a collection of modular, plug-and-play LED lighting systems that are tailored for use in tunnels, underpasses, and transit areas. These products have been crafted to meet the complex and specialized requirements of tunnel lighting. The Artemis series boasts precision-molded optics, sturdy construction, superior thermal management, control compatibility, high ingress protection, flexible mounting options, easy maintenance, and excellent upgradability.

The Artemis Series of LED luminaires offers a range of electrical, optical, and efficacy models. The modular design allows for flexibility in design, with options for wattages ranging from 50 to 600 watts and customized optical distributions for tunnel and underpass applications. The Artemis is built around Yibai’s proprietary modular LED lighting engines, which use flip-chip packaging technology to maximize thermal interfacing area and reduce electrode shadowing losses. This results in high-performance LUXEON LEDs that are reliable and efficient for outdoor lighting. The LEDs are wired in series and balanced by an Inventronics driver to prevent catastrophic failure if a single LED fails. The modular light engines are equipped with specialized tunnel optics, including injection-molded lenses that are precision-designed for consistent distribution in the direction of the target application. The lenses are optimized for probeam and counterbeam designs, providing high levels of customization to illuminate any tunnel geometry according to project specifications. The UV-stabilized, impact-resistant lenses are sealed to the circuit board with a double-lock coupling silicone gasket without screws, providing high ingress protection for the optical assembly.

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The LED modules are assembled in a die-cast aluminum housing, which establishes a consistent thermal path from the LED junction to the modular heat sinks and ultimately the luminaire housing. The ventilated design enhances convective heat transfer for improved thermal dissipation. Additionally, the aluminum housing is coated with polyester powder to guarantee high corrosion resistance. The robust construction of the housing also offers superior vibration resistance.

Product Specifications

YIBAI LED Lighting products are designed for the global market. Please contact our sales team for certification details. Products information is for reference only. Some options may not be available for each configuration. Please contact us for further details.


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