All in one energy storage system/

21KWh 5KW All-in-one Energy Storage System (ESS) LiFePO4 Battery with Inverter

Rated Energy(kWh):20kWh

Battery Module:51.2V420Ah

Battery Cell:LiFePO4

Cycle Life:6000 cycles @0.3C

Charge Voltage:57.6V @25℃

Min Discharge Voltage:43.2V @25℃

Max Charge Current:100A @25℃

Max Discharge Current:100A @25℃

Operation Temperature:Charge: 0°C-50°C/Discharge: -20°C-55°C

Inverter Power:5000VA/5000W

Output Voltage:European:220-230-240V American:120V

PV Array Power:4400W

MPPT Voltage:120-430VDC

Solar Charge Current:80A

AC Charge Current:60A

  • Product Details

This product is integrated with 21kWh battery module and off-grid 5kw inverter module. The battery module is lithium iron phosphate battery, which has the advantages of high safety and reliability. The output voltage of the inverter is AC230V, pure sine wave, and can support photovoltaic access, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance. The product has low temperature heating function, can be used in low temperature environment, at the same time, the internal configuration of aerosol fire extinguisher, can provide safety in emergency.

21KWh 5KW All-in-one Energy Storage (5)

Battery Specifications

1Serial Number16S4PCell: 3.2V105Ah
3Rated capacity420Ah@25℃ 0.3C
4Min. capacity410Ah@25℃ 0.3C
5Rated voltage51.2V
6Charging voltage57.6V
7Charging modeConstandt current voltage
8Discharge cut-off voltage46.4V
9Charging current75A@25℃
10Max. charging current100A@25℃
11Discharge current75A
12Max. discharge current100A
13Internal resistancee≤30m Ω @AC 1kHz
14Operating temperatureCharge : 0℃ to 55℃
Discharge : -20℃-60℃
Storage: 0℃-40℃
15Cmmunicalion interfaceRS485
16Power displayLCD Displaly
17Heating functionLow temperature heating function(optional function)
18Fire protection deviceAerosol fire extinguisher
19Shell materialSheet metal
22Protection classIP21
23CertificationUN38.3, MSDS

Inverter Specifications

1AC Input voltage220V/230V ACEuropean Standard/off grid
2AC input voltage rangeAPL generator mode : 90Vac-280V AC;
UPS mains mode : 170Vac-280V AC;
3AC mains charging currentMax. 60A
4AC mains charging efficiency>95%
5Conversion time (bypass and inverter)10mS
6Output voltage waveformPure sine wave
7AC Rated output voltage230Vac
8Rated output power5000W
9Peak power1 0000VA
10Max. efficiency92%
11No-load power consumption≤50W
12PV input voltage range120-430VDC
13Max. PV input current50A
14Max. PV input power4400W
15Max. PV charging current80A
16Rated battery input voltage48V
17Battery voltage range40Vdc-60Vdc
18Wifi moduleOptional
19CertificationCE/ EN61000

BMS Specifications

ltemTest itemSpecUnits
VoltageOver charge detection voltage3.653.703.75V
Over charge protection delay time50010002000mS
Over charge detection release voltage3.403.453.50V
Over discharge detection voltage2.4502.5002.550V
Over discharge protection delay time50010002000mS
Over discharge detection Release voltage2.6502.7002.750V
CurrentOver discharge current detection110120130A
Over discharge protection delay time80010001 500mS
Continuous charging current100A
Continuous discharge current100A
Short protectionShort- circuit protection delay time200330800uS
Short circuit protection recoveryDisconnect load
Equllibrium FunctionEqilibrium voltage3.4253.453.475V
Equalizing current30mA
Interior resistance//1020mR
TemperatureWorking temperature-2060
Storage temperature-4065


  • To prevent battery leakage, overheating, and expansion, keep the following in mind.
  • Do not throw the battery into water or fire
  • Do not immerse batteries in seawater or water. Store batteries in a dry environment when not in use.
  • Do not use in strong static electricity or magnetic field, otherwise it is easy to damage the protection plate.
  • Do not place batteries alone near high temperature sources such as open flames or heat sources.
  • Direct short circuit of batteries with metallic substances is prohibited.
  • Do not touch or fall heavy weight batteries.
  • Do not weld batteries directly or punch holes on batteries with nails or other sharp objects.
  • If the battery gives off odor, heat, deformation or other abnormalities, remove the battery immediately or stop using the charger.
  • If the battery leaks and the electrolyte enters your eyes, do not rub your eyes. Rinse your eyes with clean water immediately and seek medical treatment. Otherwise, your eyes may be injured.
  • When the battery is stored for a long time or loaded into the host, it is recommended that the customer charge and discharge it once every 3 months, and then charge it to the semi-charged state (charging method: 0 .33C charge and 0.33C discharge).


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